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May 13, 2013

Frog Parade

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Jeff invited a buddy of his Riley, to join us for the weekend,. I have raced K2 with his wife Marlene a few times and know her well from all the sprint regattas I went to in the past. I had never really met Riley but he and Jeff hooked up for Coho fishing in the fall last year quite a bit. Both of them love to camp and fish but pour Marlene had to stay home to help out at a regatta. We wanted to make sure we’ll take Riley to a lake where he would catch fish. I think he is fairly new to Chironomid fishing. Of course we picked Little Pete! Weather forecast was for sun and warm again. Since Sunday was the Tour de Indian Arm, I took Friday off and we went for a Friday-Saturday weekend May 10-11.

No issues getting into the lake but it was busy. Lots of bigger groups camping in all the usual spots around Little Pete – and it was only Friday and no long weekend yet. I guess our secret little lake is no secret any more. Maybe I shouldn’t’ blog about it so much :-). Lucky for us though our campsite near the northwest end was still open. Except for hundreds of tiny little frogs that had taken over the grassy area near the lake – had to be carefull where to step. They were so cute though coming in all sorts of colors – green, brown, red, black… Hard to take a picture though since they were tiny and didn’t want to sit still… Jeff headed out in his boat right away and I went for my usual walk first. Didn’t see much – cows (that shouldn’t be out yet) with HUGE horns, a garter snake and lots of insects. Yep the warm weather brought out all the flies, mosquitoes, bugs and spiders early. Back at the lake Riley had arrived as well and I saw him fishing near Jeff on the other side of the lake. At least I thought that must be him since I never met him. It looked like they were catching fish. I had seen lots of fish splashing in front of our campsite and hopped into my float tube to join the fun. Got into a couple nice ones right away. But the fish moved around quite a bit and I usually like to stay in one spot. But eventually I joined the moving around game and got a couple more here and there moving ever closer towards the guys. I finally anchored close to the opening to the big lake. Since it is deeper there I went deeper with my fly as well until I hit bottom. No fish. I almost moved on but thought what the hell, try really shallow one more time and BANG. I got into this great fish which gave me a real run for it. The fish was probably about 4 lb and all silver – very pretty. But he did not want to have a proper picture taken. That was fun – but all sudden boats started moving in on both sides of me and crowded my spot. I didn’t want to give up much spot though now that I knew there are big fish around. And I caught another one of similar size but with big spots and a bit more golden in color. Neither of the two boats next to me got into any! I am sure they were fishing too deep :-). I must have fished for at least 4 hrs.

Back on shore I set and camp and got some firewood until the boys came off and I finally met Riley. He is a very nice guy and just as un-complicated as us when camping. We sat around the campfire till almost midnight – usually we are in bed by 10PM. To our surprise we hardly heard anything from the other groups camped around the lake.

The next day was a little bit cooler and some high clouds had moved in covering up the sun every so often – which was good actually. I already got too much sun the day before. Jeff was up at 6:30PM to try the big lake. Riley was in his boat by 10AM. And I spent pretty much all day reading my book – “The Passage” from Justin Cronin. Finally some action was happening in the story… Went for a short walk but got annoyed by all the traffic… don’t know why the area was sooo busy. The boys were on the lake all day and said fishing was pretty good again. This was probably the best fishing we have had on Little Pete for the quality of fish rather than quantity.


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