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May 24, 2013

Porridge till Tuesday?

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What a week, sigh. Not only did one of my projects at work do a nose dive just before the finish line I also had to give up a part of me. About 20 years ago my dentist in Germany told me that my front tooth won’t last more than 5-10 years after I had a root canal done. When I came to Canada 15 years ago every single new dentist I went to wanted to replace that tooth with a crown. Most of them probably thought how someone could be happy with crooked front teeth all there live. But hey they were mine and I had them forever. Finally this Tuesday though my current dentist could say “I told you so!” But hey I got a good 10 more years out of it. Nevertheless, on Tuesday morning I heard a crack and Tuesday evening after the TNR in the pub the pizza crust did the rest. And that tooth really broke in half – pretty much the whole tooth broke off leaving just the root which made for an awkward smile all evening long in the bar. But I did save the piece that broke off and finished the pizza – it was really good. Tuesday morning I popped the broken off piece back in after removing some pieces of pizza and to my surprise it stayed put as long as I didn’t touch it. Nevertheless I called the dentist and they actually got me in that afternoon. There wasn’t enough time to put in a temporary but the dentist glued the piece back in. And it seemed to work fine till the next morning when stupid me tried to eat an apple. And since then I am living with a loose tooth and am eating pre-cut food only. At least the tooth stays in for the looks. My next appointment isn’t till Tuesday so we’ll see if it lasts all weekend. But we’ll be out in the woods again so who cares about a glaring hole – sure the deer and bear won’t 🙂

The pictures below may are a bit gross – so may not want to enlarge the below… Do you think the tooth fairy still comes at my age?


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  1. oh wow. That sounds painful, and yes – does look a bit odd! I can’t believe you have to wait 6 days for an appt to get it fixed!

    Comment by Krista — May 25, 2013 @ 8:15 PM

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