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June 7, 2013

May Long Weekend Trip, May 18-20

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… but where to go to beat the crowds? Especially since we weren’t able to leave till Saturday morning. So we picked an area with lots of lakes and campsites – hoping someone had cleared the road for us  to get in this time(https://k2incanada.wordpress.com/2013/05/12/do-you-want-to-change-to-pedestrian-mode/). And voila, we found a nice spot at Rickey Lake. It sure was busy though but our closest neighbours weren’t too loud of a bunch. Only the rowdy gang across the lake was a bit, or actually a lot, annoying. They had music, guns …. even aimed at Jeff while he was fishing. But otherwise a really nice weekend. I did a LOT of walking. The Saturday was nice and sunny. I watched the Osprey in its nest and was very patient trying to spot the prairie dogs. You can hear them calling all the time but they are really hard to spot. Once you see them though they won’t move – maybe they still think I could not see them? 🙂 I walked across bright green and yellow meadows that were just shouting”It’s Spring” at me. I climbed up the hills for great views over the area. I was way to busy to fish the first day. And it was a bit too windy for my taste. Jeff wasn’t overly successful either even though there was a great Chironomid hatch going on.

Day 2 started with rain – light rain mind you. It started during the night and we lounged around in the tent much longer than usual hoping it would stop. By 8AM we finally had to get up before our old backs got too sore. Luckily we now have this tent shelter – I love it. By about 10AM the sun started to break through again but temps were much lower than the day before. I walked over to Johnny Lake only to find out that the campsite was EMPTY!! I wondered if it was already empty the day before or if the rain had cleared out some folks. It sure thinned out the crowds around Rickey a little bit. Unfortunately the noisy bunch didn’t seem to mind the rain (I am actually thinking they never noticed that it had rain by the time they got busy). At Johnny Lake I also found out that Arnica leaves make the best toilet paper. I wandered through the bush on some cow trails for quite some time but didn’t encounter anything in regards of wildlife – just lots of signs that they are around. I even fished that day. First in my float tube and after an early dinner I went out again with Jeff in his boat for a bit. I only lasted an hour though without catching fish before I asked Jeff to drop me off on shore. Thought maybe I can catch some wildlife in the early evening before it gets too dark. And so I happen to walk straight up this hill only to stare right at the Deer about 20m above me. The deer just stared back and then leisurely walked up further. I thought I might be able to get on top of them buy cutting more to my right up the hill and then come back across and voila, there was the deer and it had company. So I had the pleasure to watch them for a while but the light was fading quickly. Pretty cool though!!

On Day 3 Jeff was tired of not catching fish in Rickey Lake. So we packed up early and scouted out some other lakes in the area. First stop was Goose Lake – which is a really pretty lake but again the fish weren’t cooperating. We moved on to Kump Lake which was supposed to be a great place to fish. But there was NOBODY on the lake, the campsite was empty. Therefore we didn’t even try. Jeff was getting itchy though wanting to get into some good fishing at last. So we went to this lake right along the highway just out of Aspen Grove. Kidd Lake apparently has monster fish!! I wasn’t too impressed. It’s a pretty enough lake but the highway was busy on the Monday long weekend – so no sitting in “camp” and enjoy some quiet time. There were quite a few boats on the lake so I figured I might as well try some fishing instead. It was slow to say the least. But I did get into one – no monster mind you. But Jeff said I was likely the only one touching a fish that day. So while I was getting bored with waiting for more fish to bite I let my eyes drift along the shore line and spotted something foraging in the dirt. A marmot and he let me get really close while he continued with his business of finding food I guess. He never seemed to be afraid of me bobbing along in my float tube (it was windy!). He only ran off when chased away by a family of geese :-). Now THAT was cool – you might have seen my animal video already https://k2incanada.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/may-long-weekend-wildlife-viewing/. Forgotten was the highway….or maybe it was just getting late enough that most weekend warriors like us had already left the area. All sudden the lake was pretty cool – great views of storm clouds hanging over the lake (while it never rained) and lots of damsels hatching on the weeds. Even saw a dragon-fly crawl out of it case  – it’s amazing how those long tails fit into this stumpy bug (too bad my pictures turned out to be too blurry).


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