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July 15, 2013

Almost no Trees left standing…

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5th fishing weekend May 25-26. The problem for leaving the post for so long is one hardly remembers the details. Good thing I take all those pictures :-).

We went back to Dardanelles Lake – a lake we added to our list only last year with promise of big fish and moose. Both have yet to happen although last year I saw lots of moose signs. This year was different. There had been a LOT more logging around the lake and what wasn’t logged had been taken down by the windstorm a few weeks before. The campsite was also packed when we arrived Saturday morning and we were surprised about the big trailers people got into the site. Most of the road is fine but the last little bit is quite bumpy. Lucky for us, none of those big rigs could use our little spot right down at the lake – perfect.

Even though the lake was calm when we arrived the wind picked up shortly after. But it was sunny even if not that warm. Jeff of course started fishing right away while I set up camp and went for a walk along the lake. I did the same walk last year and it was really nice. This year there were a million trees down and I really had to scramble. Saw a couple of deer though in one of the clear cuts – one of them walked really close while I was standing behind one of the million wind-fallen trees at the edge. Fishing wasn’t any better that day.

That night we saw a beautiful huge moon rise over the campsite. Why don’t I pack my tripot?

Day 2 I went for another walk trying to find this lake with a cabin where all the moose hang out according to a local outdoors guide who was fishing Dardanelles as well. I found a lake that looked lie what the guy described and made my way through tons of fallen trees again right to the edge of the lake but saw neither cabin nor moose. I did see some moose tracks though in the clear-cut leading up to the lake and the lake itself was pretty enough once you worked your way down to it. Luckily the rancher had already been in there to repair his fence using up a number of the fallen trees and I was able to walk the fences in spots. Still it was a scramble. The weather turned for the worse in the afternoon and I almost succeeded taking the camp down before everything got wet. I spent the rest of the afternoon fishing with absolutely no luck. Even Jeff only got into the odd one. None of the other campers/anglers seem to have any better luck than us. The bugs were hatching but the fish didn’t seem to feed on them – weird.


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