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July 16, 2013

The weather feels backwards…

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Fishing weekend Jun 8-9. The forecast for the coast was warm and sunny. The forecast for the interior was a mixed bag. We tried our luck with Gump again but the campsite was once more busy already. Next stop was Bose Lake which took us a little bit of time to find since we hadn’t been there in ages. Until then the sky was overcast but dry. When we arrived at Bose it was pouring rain and windy. And the campsite was busy. We talked to the couple camped right next to the lake and they said fishing wasn’t great. We saw none of the 3-4 boats on the lake hook into anything. So we ended up going back to Island. No bear on the drive in that time :-(. But the lake was much less busy and we had the pick of the campsite this time. So we picked Hula’s spot. It also was dry, almost sunny but cold. Well I guess if you are at 1400m elevation in June that isn’t necessarily that surprising. But we are so used to crappy weather on the coast and sunshine in the interior in the spring these past few years that this all seemed backwards.

My walks this time were dominated by flowers and horses, well and cows I guess. After I scared the cows I watched this small horse family for at least 30min. The stallion had a really pretty colour. I also found this tiny trail right along the lake while I usually only walk the old logging road with no view of the lake. Fishing again was above average compared to most weekends so we didn’t mind the cold and on-off showers too much. Nothing a good old campfire can resolve.


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