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July 28, 2013

Enjoying Summer at Home

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The endless sunshine does not want to stop. Four weeks and counting – every day since my parents left (not their fault but I wish we had some of this in June when they were here!!).
Yesterday Jeff and I got a slow start and decided to spent the day at the beach – Spanish Banks. We got there just before noon I think and I was surprised that we found parking right away. The wind was up a little bit and we spent some time flying our kites. It’s funny how many people walk underneath the kites and even stop to look at them – obviously they don’t know that we crash those things every so often… but nobody got hurt yesterday :-). As the tide was going out the wind dropped a bit and we changes kites for surfskis. It was a bit of a walk to get out of the flats. First we went straight out towards Bowen but the waves were hitting me from all sides or so it felt and I lost my nerve. So we went in a bit and then paddled along shore toward UBC. That was better and we made it out into some nice swell. I could have continued on like this forever but Jeff wanted to surf those waves. Oh and that was a lot of fun. It was almost like catching one wave and riding it back towards the shallows in one long ride. Wow! So we turned around and did it again. Again lots of good rides back. So we swapped boats and did it again. I am a bit weary of Jeff’s Nelo which is a bit less stable than my Legend. My butt didn’t quite fit in and I was sitting on my hip bones. Surprisingly I made it out into same waves and rode them back in without going for a swim :-). An hour of fun on the water.

In the late afternoon I went for a walk along the Fraser were we live to stretch out my sore legs. Did this INSANE leg workout on Thursday at work. This woman was teaching us a 15min leg workout routine by walking us through all the different exercises and then do them in sets of 10. So we did normal squats, multiple one to do them right and then a set of 10, than side squats, same deal, than lunges – static, stepping forward, walking… – all of those in multiples to test and then sets of 10s…Then do them all together in a circle…. We must have done nearly 100 squat/lunges combinations in 30min. I usually may do 3 sets of 10 of one of these… Needless to say my legs were in screaming pain on Friday and in moderate pain still on Saturday. The walk was really nice though to loosen them up a bit.


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