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July 28, 2013

Five Berries and A Sauna

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Today we headed into the mountains behind Squamish for a hike – High Falls Creek. What a great little hike. You scramble up the rocky bluffs following the creek for most of the time. The trail opens up to views of the Squamish River and the surrounding mountains every so often as well as gets you a glimpse of the falls after which the creek is named (100m but you never get to see it all). A small detour pops you out along more of the falls with a nice pool at the bottom and a deep-deep canyon. You never get close to the water though as the trail stays way above the whole time. One can only hear it most of the time. Nevertheless, well worth the scramble. The only time the trails veers away from the creek it continues through some old growth forest with lots of Blueberry and Huckleberry bushes for refreshments on the go. Near the end you have to find your way through a large rock fall area. We got rained on in that section – there was this one big dark cloud in midst the mostly blue sky with some puffy white clouds. It actually felt nice! The rain water on the hot rocks made it smell like a sauna. And since we had to watch our steps carefully on the slippery rocks we also discovered some wild Raspberry bushes in between them. That was a real treat. Even the all present Thimbleberry tasted wonderful up here. A fruity gourmet hike for sure. The final destination isn’t that exciting as the trail drops you onto a logging road. A CAR drove by when we came out of the bushes… But we almost stepped onto one last or first Strawberry and even though it wasn’t really that ripe looking it tasted great. That made for 5 berries – it would have almost been 6 but the Blackberries are not quite there yet :-). We walked down the logging road and despite it being quite a bit longer (5km) and not as nice as a trail through the forest it offers even greater views over the Squamish Valley and the mountains. To get back to where we parked the Golf though we had to walk along the road for a bit – nice mossy trees and a short detour provided access to the Squamish River itself. Just the cars were a nuisance kicking up dust which ruined the pictures. 3hrs40min, 640m elevation. If we had brought the truck we could have driven up the logging road we came down as it continues on for quite a bit and apparently provides easy hiking access to Cloudburst Mountain.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your hike. Really enjoyed it.

    Comment by walktx — July 29, 2013 @ 6:54 AM

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