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October 7, 2013

Recent wildlife encounters

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Just a quick post on our recent fishing/camping trips while trying to find some time to get my blog up to speed again.

Sep 21-22 brought us back to Island lake. It was blowing like stink and the lake was whipped up into foam which was being blown across our campsite. Needless to say, Jeff fished and I went for walks, even for a run. But the most memorable part of that weekend was the bear that walked through our camp Sunday mid day while Jeff was out on the lake and I was sitting in camp reading a book. The animal walked by less than 5m away. We both looked at each other for a few seconds and I thought “Damn, where is my camera when I need it”. He walked on into the bush and I grabbed my camera and followed him for a little bit. The bear was busy searching for food mostly ignoring me.

Oct 5-6 we went to Little Pete. It was busy with people camping and we even had to share our special campsite with a hunter dude for crying out loud!!! At least he was quiet and we hardly noticed him. The small lake was overgrown with algae and it looked more like green pea soup than a lake. I walked my usual trails on Saturday – not seeing a thing, hunting season – and fished on Sunday. I took my time kicking my old-fashion donut style float tube – as it was described to Jeff by someone working in a fishing retail store – through the soupy waters of Little Pete and into Peterhope Lake. While in the narrows, I noticed a muskrat sitting on a log busily putting on some much-needed winter fat. For the most part a bunch of weeds were between us. And even though I was only 3m away trying to get a good shot the muskrat didn’t seem to care or notice me. At one point the rodent swam right up to the log in front of me within less than a meter. I don’t think they see very well but it knew something was up and returned back to “safety” in behind the weeds.

I even took a little video… enjoy


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  1. That is close enough for me to a bear.

    Comment by cyardin — October 7, 2013 @ 11:49 PM

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