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October 29, 2013

The Flowers of Fall

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Our first fall lake fishing weekend saw us back at Island Lake, for the 4th time this year, Sep 21-22. There are a few things that stand out from that weekend.

1) It was super windy. I never even got to fish. The lake was whipped up big time and foam was blown into our campsite. Otherwise it was a pretty nice mix of sun and clouds Saturday and mostly overcast with a few sprinkles Sunday weekend. Jeff of course was out there the whole time…

2) I did a workout on Saturday consisting of 5min of running and 10min of walking for 2hrs and then another 60min walking to return to the campsite via a bit of a detour around Island Lake. The most memorable part – except for the pain running uphill – were all the mushrooms along the road and trails I was on. Hence the title of my blog. Most of the area around Island Lake is by now logged. They even logged a stretch almost right to the lake. Well, logging is one of the reason we have access to so many lakes … still the land looks much prettier with trees. Since I was running I went much further down the road than usual. I had some great views of the valley down below – and the huge copper mine slowly eating away at it. Lots of BC’s economy is based on natural resources…

3) Last but not least, the wildlife encounters. Deer, squirrel on my walk and ducks, bear in camp as previously reported.

The next trip, Oct 5-6, we did went to Little Pete. Usually a great spot for lake fishing in the fall. This time around though the small lake was overgrown with algae. It looked like pea soup. Nevertheless I did try fishing the little lake on Sunday. Saturday was spent roaming my usual cow trails to find some wildlife – no such luck. More mushroom pictures though…

Sunday was a mix of sun and clouds day and it was nice to just sit in my float tube even though I didn’t even get a bite. I am sure that’s because the fish could not see my fly!! After about an hour though I gave in and went to join Jeff on the big lake. While navigating the narrows I came across the muskrat fattening up for winter and spen a good 10min watching it (see previous post for more pictures and my little video). When I finally found Jeff he was looking around for fish as well. But eventually we both got into a few. And then Jeff found this “hole” where he pulled out fish on almost every cast. I was fishing the same fly at the same depth in the same spot – only got 1 to his every 5… What can I say!


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