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November 17, 2013

Katja – 2, Jeff – 0; Fishing on Nov 3

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The day before had been a really rainy day and we spent all of it indoors (shopping, gym…). So on Sunday I was more than ready to spend a day outdoors. The forecast was for mix of sun and clouds but on the cool side. We first stopped in at a different spot but it didn’t look like it had enough water to be fishable yet. So we went back to our usual area. There were LOTS of eagles along the river this time. I was using a different rod that day – Jeff had broken mine the week before (he got it fixed the following week) – but casting felt okay. I actually liked it. It is a bit heavier and stiffer than mine but that also meant it handled those big chum a bit better. I foul-hooked into a couple of those monsters and they just go nuts – running into my backing multiple times and jumping like crazy. I was never sure who will get tired first, me or the fish… After I fought those two chum I hooked into another strong fish that shook his head like a Coho does. Nobody had been hooking into any Coho yet, not Jeff, nor his friend Gary, nor the other 2 or 3 guys around. The fish did a few jumps and started to run like a chum when I was trying to bring him to the beach but I managed to bring him in after all – a beautiful hatchery Coho and a keeper. Just over an hour later I hooked into another one. Jeff had gotten into more chum, a few sockeye and cutthroat but still no Coho. He helped me to land this one two carefully – it was another beauty but wild fish and we let him go. That’s two Coho for me and zero for Jeff. One other guy hooked into a Coho but lost it. I out-fished ALL the guys :-). But that was it for the day.


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