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December 1, 2013

December has arrived – you wouldn’t know it.

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I can’t believe this year is going towards the end already – such a busy year. November had been an unusual dry month yet again. Okay we had a few really heavy rain days but overall it was not bad. Mid November was really cold and dry – it went below zero for a few day, brrr. Last week was mostly sunny and temperatures were up to 10C again. So guess what, no skiing for us this weekend. We had played with the idea of going to Overlander today but the forecast wasn’t the greatest and they predicted lots of snow for the drive home. So we crawled back into bed this morning after getting up at 6AM and slept till 9!!!

Not enough snow to go skiing and too much to go hiking meant I was going paddling on Burnaby Lake both days. Saturday Jeff and I paddled in the rain for 1hr40min but today the weather had much improved. Jeff went for a run while I hopped back in the boat for another 16km. The lake was calm and the sun come out every so often with a high of 10C. The Lake just looked most beautiful with clouds on one end (east) and blue sky on the other (west). I only paddled ~15km each day but I was sore and tired both days – damn I used to be in better shape than this….


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