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December 8, 2013


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It did not even get above zero yesterday! We actually woke up to -8C which for us costal thin-skins is COLD. Unfortunately there isn’t enough snow yet in the local mountains to do anything snow related such as skiing or snowshoeing. Going back into the interior where they do have snow was out of the question – at least for me – as they were expecting temperatures below -20C. I think the lowest we saw when we checked in the morning was -33C at Nickelplate where we just skied a couple weeks ago at +5C. Going for a paddle was out of the question as well – at least for Jeff. He said I’d be silly to even think about that. I am sure most of my readers agree BUT we have done lots of paddling in sub-zero temperatures before, when paddling was still the one and only thing we did (I got to find some of those old pictures with ice growing on our boats or hats…).

But the sun was out in full force and obviously we could not just stay inside all day or even worse go for this dreaded Christmas shopping – so we went for a 4hr walk in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park instead (for the non-Vancouverites, this park is about 40mins away from us, less if we would not have to cross the whole city). Some people may still call the trail to Narvon Falls a hike but it is probably one of the easiest you could do around here. It’s about a 14km return trip with very little elevation change. Nevertheless it is just as beautiful as any big hike around here except a few more people on the trails. Lynn Creek itself wasn’t frozen yet but pretty much everything else around it was. The ground was covered in thin straw-like icicles – we figured that those were originally mud puddles which had turned into these odd looking ice carpets. Pretty neat. Even Narvon Falls, our destination was almost completely iced up. I remembered going for a dip underneath the falls  during my first summer in Vancouver – the same pool was now covered by a mountain of snow/frozen spray.



  1. Beautiful pictures! And you are introducing me to so many parts of BC that I’ve never seen, and sometimes never heard of!

    Comment by Krista — December 16, 2013 @ 9:48 PM

  2. Some incredible pictures here. Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Jaspa — January 6, 2014 @ 4:57 PM

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