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January 26, 2014


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Well, we finished our first pursuit loppet – 15km classic followed by 15km skate – at the Telemark Nordic centre today. And it was actually more fun than I had thought. I had been really worried about the skate portion since I hadn’t done much skating yet this year and if only on the easiest of easy trails. We went out last Wednesday night to practice at Cypress but that was a disaster. The snow was horrible – like skiing in crushed ice, soft and icy at the same time. Telemark had posted icy conditions as well on their website but it was still so much better than Cypress. They hadn’t gotten any new snow in a while but it has been below zero all the time. We still have the temperature inversion going on in the province. Fog and sunny days on the coast, a layer of fog covering the interior valleys. Above the fog it’s 8C at 1300m, in the fog it’s -3C at 1000m. When we skied Telemark yesterday to have a look at the course some sections were so foggy one could not see the bottom of the hill. For the race today the fog was a bit less thick. Uh and I won my category – being the only women in it :-). Still almost last. Just managed to get far enough ahead of a couple other women double poling on the flats to not be caught on the skate ski. The skating was a lot of hard work. 2hrs27min. Jeff finished in well under 2hrs. If you are interested in the full results use this link.

The cool thing about that fog – it is growing centimeter long ice crystals on all the trees which looks quite beautiful.

Another nice thing about this trip – we did not have to stay in a motel. Since Telemark is only 20min out of Peachland, we stayed with our good friends Mary and Keith, even though those two already had made plans for that evening. We had pizza together before they left and breakfast together this morning. Mary is always preparing such great food – too bad I can’t eat much before a race. We may be back there next weekend.


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  1. Next up: BIATHALON!!

    Comment by Catherine — January 28, 2014 @ 11:15 AM

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