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February 2, 2014

The highlights of the weekend – Moose and Mary’s cooking

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Another loppet weekend. It was wet and warm all week long but just in time for the weekend the temperatures plummeted. We, Jeff, our friend John and I, left Vancouver after work on Friday and it was -18C in Princeton where we stopped for dinner around 7:30PM. Lucky us, it warmed up to -14C by the time we arrived in Keremeos to call it a night. But in the morning they called it -20C for Nickelplate, the race destination. It was a beautiful sunny day mind you and we got to see a moose along the road to Nickelplate. By the the time we arrived at the parking lot, it had warmed up to -15C. Despite the cold temperature and fresh snow a couple days ago, the tracks felt really slow. I had no glide whatsoever on my Peltonen even though the grip tape didn’t really ice up. Jeff and John were experiencing the same and they both used waxables. Not a good sign, usually double-poling is the only thing that I can do halfway properly. But this morning I already had a sore neck and it did not get better during the race. I tried to double-pole as much as I could with the end result that my back got really sore. The moms and the 70-year old poled away from me!!! I caught them on the hill only to be passed again on the flats. Rats!!! At the beginning of the second lap my back finally gave in complete. A searing pain in the lower back and I lost all the feeling my right leg – must have pinch a nerve. I could barely stand. I was almost ready to give up but a bit of stretching got me going again – even slower than before and Mr 70-year old finally took off on me as I could no longer pole at all. Mind you I did catch up to him again on top of “Eagles Nest” but that was no good since he disappeared again out of sight on the flats. Well, I did finish and I think there was one person behind me still. But I was so sore – from neck to lower back- and tired. Had trouble breathing as well – maybe it’s the elevation (Nickelplate is at over 1400M) or the cold or both. At the end it had warmed up to -7C, although no more sun and the wind had picked up which made it feel colder. Well, what did Jeff, say: “That’s why we do all these loppets – so that we can have some good ones and some bad ones” This one was a bad one this year – in past years it had been my favourite :-). I was ~20min slower than in 2012 and 2013.

For the afternoon and evening we invaded Keith and Mary again in Peachland. We ate and drank and talked from 3PM to 10PM non stop – in that order. Mary is an awesome cook and we started with home-made spinach dip and humus, then steak with baked potatoes and a winter vegetable mix of sweet potatoes, parsnip and carrots followed by ice creme with chocolate peppermint sauce. We had Guinness, Winter Ale, Black Cherry Wine and Maple Liquor. And all that was shared with some of the greatest friends… that sure made up for the miserable race.

I still woke up sore though the next morning. Nevertheless the boys wanted to go for another ski. So after a huge blueberry pancake breakfast we headed over to Telemark again to ski the trails in the sunshine for once. Also, John had never been there. It was ONLY -8C. Well, I still could hardly double pole and just took it easy doing a portion of last weeks race course on my classics. Apparently I missed out on a cool trail the guys found – although it sounded like a lot of up and down :-). The sun didn’t last, it started to snow lightly. Another 1hr50min on skis and I was tired and cold and ready to go home. I still can’t get warm….


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  1. Yes, all trails I’ve skied named Panorama have involved lots of ups and downs…my skis (and body) worked so much better on Telemark’s snow the day after the race…figures! 🙂

    Comment by Jeff — February 5, 2014 @ 3:09 PM

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