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February 8, 2014

Arctic Blast

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Well it has been COLD and SUNNY all week long – both very atypical for us. Vancouver broke a couple records for the coldest temperatures measured on those days in over 60years. Okay, the coldest was only -8.2C which doesn’t really sound that bad I admit. And it was no problem riding the bike into work once I got the big skiing gloves out :-). BUT we were supposed to be away at the Cariboo loppet this weekend and here I am blogging from home. It had been below -30C in 100 Mile House all week long, and Jeff was concerned they may not be able to hold the loppet (not allowed to start the race at temps below -20C), while I was worried I would have to race in below -10C conditions. I know I am a wuss but really, I am not made for the cold. My optimum operating range is 0C to +20C with a +/- 10C buffer. The final decision not to go was made when Jeff wreck his ski on Thursday. So here we are, a rare winter weekend at home. By the way, when we checked online the temperatures in 100 Mile House at 8AM this morning it was -31C. The Cariboo loppet in 100 Mile House started an hour later than planned but it did happen. Have to hear the story from Jeff’s skiing buddy how it went.

For us staying home meant we have to go skiing locally. I think I mentioned before already that this winter has been awesome for the amount of sunshine we are getting but pretty mediocre for the amount of snow. And instead of battling the crowds and the snow at Cypress we drove to Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley. I can’t really believe this is the first time this season we drove up there for me. It was about -10C or -8C and bright sunshine when we arrived – just within my buffer zone. There was s a bit of a wind but I didn’t notice it as much. I should have skated – since all the next loppets are skate loppets – but felt like I rather want to enjoy the ski and the sunshine. My grip tape didn’t work that great and I had to walk more hills that normal but it was till nice to be out there. Said hello to Madeley Lake, climbed up “How it goes” connecting to “Mainline”. I meant to go all the way up to Callaghan Lake but my grip started to get worse and worse. So I turned around and switch to my skate skies for a bit. Legs were already tired and even the smallest hills seemed steep but all in all it felt okay. And as last season, the highlight of going to Whistler is stopping in at the Shady Tree Pub in Squamish for a Guinness and some unhealthy food :-).



  1. awesome

    Comment by Jhoni — February 9, 2014 @ 12:55 AM

  2. Lovely photos as always! I hear you have a pineapple express coming, so warmth and snow are coming!! Oh, how I miss 12 degrees in February. :’)

    Comment by Catherine — February 10, 2014 @ 11:10 AM

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