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February 16, 2014

Our Dusi

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The forecast today was for sun and wind and  heavy rain. We managed to get out this AM before the rain and wind hit us. With temperatures around 5C it is still kinda cold for paddling (that’s what we say now) but I really wanted to get out in a boat. It was already too windy to do K1 and with 70-100km/hr winds in the forecast for sometime today we didn’t want to get stuck on the ocean. So we decided to play it save and took our Accord K2 out on the Fraser.  Having the river right in front of our door with no driving across town is another bonus.

The tide was going out and we went up river which meant we had to fight the current on the way out and were coasting back. The water was flat and very little boat traffic. So only had to deal with back eddies and current – it was almost whitewater conditions underneath the train bridge. Although our South African paddling friends would not have called it “whitewater”. If you feel like it check out some racing on the Dusi in SA – crazy. The K2s they are racing are the same as our boat. No way we could do it. We had a nice and relaxed hour or so long paddle on flat water :-). The gale force winds didn’t kick up until late afternoon. But now it is howling.


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