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March 2, 2014

Training for Africa

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This past week started off with a snowy Monday night which made for an interesting ride home. It was fun riding the bike through the fresh snow and luckily not too many cars on the road anymore. I was catching snow flakes with my tongue. But it slowly warmed up throughout the week and by Friday we had 10C and sunshine. I was soo looking forward to a nice paddle on Sunday – except another arctic spell hit northern BC and the temperature plummeted again to close to zero over night here in southern BC, sigh.

Well, Saturday was another loppet day anyhow. This one was added late to the schedule but it was “close” to home and classic technique. The Cascade Cup at Manning Park Resort – it used to be a popular event way back but has not been held for a few years. We had planned for a 2hr drive but it took us actually 2hrs15min. We just made it there in time before they closed the bib pick-up. “Lucky” us. It had started snowing in Hope and was even more so when we got to Manning Resort. The race started at Lightning Lake. Participation was really low – only 15 of the 20 people registered started the race. And a third of those only did 15km and not the full 30km. Needless to say I was dead last :-). Even though I passed 3 people on lap 1 – obviously those had wisely chosen to do 15km. It was slow conditions at -10C with fresh snow in the tracks and 2 big climbs along the way. My crowns worked quite well though until I got tired. All in all it actually was a fun ski, much more fun than our practice evening ski at Cypress last Wednesday – I had pulled my lower back on Tuesday morning and it was bugging me till Friday night. My double poling was a bit timid to begin with. I did feel sorry for the volunteers standing out there in the cold that long waiting for me. Nevertheless, they were cheering me on till the bitter end. Thank you volunteers!!! And I was feeling sorry for Jeff doing the same, waiting – he had a great race coming in 2nd overall, 1hr and 10min ahead of my finishing time!!! This was my slowest loppet EVER. After the race we headed back to the lodge for lunch and prizes. The lunch was good – sandwich bar and nice hot tasty veggie soup. They gave out medals for almost everyone – I got one too. The best thing, those medals were cookies! They also had more draw prizes that competitors so everyone got a prize. People who already got one for winning a category didn’t take a second pick when their name was called again which I thought showed great sportsmanship. All in all a great event – I am sure we’ll be back next year and maybe there will be a few more people participating. The organizers really did a great job.

Today we woke up to snow in town – AGAIN. So definitely not a paddling day, sigh. To top it off Jeff came up with the idea to go snow shoeing up a mountain. My legs were still somewhat tired from the day before but not as bad as last week. The only other choice would be to go skiing. No thanks, the local mountains are too busy on weekends. At least I convinced him to go to Seymour instead of St Marks. I had it in my head that Seymour was a shorter hike which turned out to be true but it is also has pretty steep up and down sections on the way to first peak. It was pretty soggy and wet snow up there and visibility was low. The whole time up I was thinking this is training for the hike we plan to do on our Africa trip later this year (warm, sun)…the only thing that kept me going. Both of us were pretty tired when we finally reached 1st peak and lucky for us the low visibility was a great excuse to not continue on :-). Instead we went into Deep Cove to have some brunch at “Honey’s”. Apparently that’s a popular breakfast place and known for their awesome donuts. I never really noticed it before. Food was good though.

The rest of the day was spent lounging on the sofa and reading while outside the snow had turned to rain…what else would you do on a rainy Sunday :-). Well, finish it off with a glass of wine.


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