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March 9, 2014

Lucky weekend

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It was supposed to be a wet and warm weekend. But despite the gloomy forecast we had a good ski on Saturday in Manning. It was +2C but felt warmer – the sun even made a little bit of an appearance. Tracks were in good shape, except in the trees on South Gibsons. All in all a nice 3hr classic ski with variable grip. It didn’t start raining until we were back in the car. And it was pouring rain the whole way home and the whole rest of the day/night. Our friends had left a message at home saying “It is pouring rain out so we think you guys are neither skiing nor paddling – how about dinner?” They were laughing when we called them to confirm the dinner time telling them we went skiing. Before we left for dinner I booked our “big” trip for this year. We are going on Safari!!! I am soo excited.

Today we were woken up by a bird concert outside our bedroom window rather than rain pounding against it. It was one of those nice almost sunny and +10C days and YES we went for a paddle. Took our surfskis to Deep Cove. It was perfect – flat calm and sunny and not too cold or too hot. My balance still bothers me but there wasn’t much to worry about today. A nice relaxing 75min paddle. And we treated us to some fancy muffins from “Honey’s” afterwards. Although bran muffins are just a tad to healthy for me.

Deep Cove at it's best

Deep Cove at it’s best

Making use of the now longer days – yep Daylight Savings Time started today – we went for an evening walk along the river and got to experience one of those rare urban critter moments. A coyote was hunting for a mouse along the old mill site now construction site. Okay there was a fence between us and the animal but he/she could not care less about us. Walked right by us after it was done hunting, playing and eating. I took this little video below – but be warned the mouse does get hurt in this video.



  1. What a great photo of Deep Cove! Bran muffins ARE too healthy, go big (choco glazed) or go home! ;D

    Comment by Catherine — March 10, 2014 @ 11:02 AM

  2. Is it bad that I only glanced at the pictures, then quickly googled ‘honey’s? I’m a slave to my sugar tooth….

    Comment by Krista — March 10, 2014 @ 10:17 PM

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