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April 12, 2014

Another first for me

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What a day – beautiful sunshine and temperatures in the mid teens. Quite nice for April!!! And what were we up to on such a fine day – we went downtown for a 5k/10k running race. If you know me or are following my blog you know that I hate running. But my friend Krista has been after me for a while now to go and do a running race together. She used to be like me – love to paddle, hate to run. But a couple of years ago she set herself a goal to become better at running. And she sure succeeded and is running a few times a week now enjoying it – at the cost of paddling mind you. Haven’t seen her in a boat in quite some time. I think she owes me one now :-).

As a warm-up we played soccer with her kids and husband. The race went along the sea wall in Stanley Park – quite a scenic run which sure helped. And I probably had my best 5k time – well that’s kinda easy since I never raced before (other than for charity) – finishing only 3min behind Krista and definitely not last. I had people around me the whole time and there actually was some passing going on back and forth. At the end I was happy I did it. Check! The funniest part was the start. The 10k-ers started first. They all crowded the starting line 5min before the start. When the gun went off Jeff was still walking when crossing the start line it was so busy. The 5k-ers started 15min later. They started lining up about a minute before the race. Nobody wanted to be in front – the first person being back about 5m off the start line. I was mid pack sending Krista up front. We all started running at the same time at our leisure pace – I knew I was in the right group of runners :-).

In the afternoon we went for a paddle. I was actually quite windy and Jeff suggested to go back to Jericho to ride some waves. Unfortunately to ride a wave you have to paddle out into the wind and waves first. It was quite wavy out on the beach. The wind almost ripped the boat out of my hands carrying it to the water. Lots of surfers and kite surfers out on the water. I had a hard time even launching my surfski. Jeff was in his boat in no time. I nearly panicked when I finally made it off the beach feeling I would fall off my boat any second. Almost quit right there and then but eventually got a grip of myself – I had done this hundreds of times before!  Nevertheless while Jeff took off I only paddled out for about a km or so and then surfed the waves back. Doing that 3 time helped a lot to get my confidence back and I felt much better afterwards. The surfing in was quite fun and I connected a few nice waves.

Since it was such a nice day we had brought our stunt kites along and spent another 45 min on the beach flying the kits. What an awesome day.



  1. a few comments, if I may. 1) I believe it was Jeff who suggested you do this race, not me. 2) I’ve been running faithfully since July, and you rolled up with no training, and did nearly the same time as me!! What was all that about “I can’t run, I gained weight, blah, blah, blah, blah” 😉 3) I do still love to paddle! (although I guess my actions don’t show that). 4) You are a good friend for coming out 🙂

    Comment by Krista — April 13, 2014 @ 8:59 PM

  2. 1) I still believe you suggested it first…the MEC race series that is putting all these crazy ideas into his head. 2) I did train – had been running 2 x a week for 4 weeks! 3) Proof it :-). 4) Always!

    Comment by K2 in Canada — April 13, 2014 @ 10:53 PM

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