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April 25, 2014

Easter long weekend

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Better get this posted before lake fishing season gets going. The weather forecast was miserable for the Easter weekend – heavy rains! –  and Jeff and I decided to stay home. But at the end the weather turned out to be quite nice at least for the most part.

Friday was an awesome sunny day and the wind was blowing 10-15 knots out of the west. So we took our surfskis to Jericho Beach again to practice in the waves. The wind wasn’t as strong as a week ago when I barely made it off the beach. Felt a bit better this time and joined Jeff for the paddle out to the bell can. But the closer we got to the bell can the bigger and more confused the waves got. It was hard work and slow going into the wind. And, yep, I went into the drink. Can’t remember when I last fell off my ski…. mind you just a few days before I managed to fall out of my K1 as well on Burnaby Lake. At least there I could blame a sunken rope that seemed to tangle up with my rudder. Back to the surfski story. Usually I can get back into my boat no problem but that day I was already tired and worked up having to paddle into the strong wind. So Jeff had to come to the rescue – well that’s why we paddle together. After getting back into my boat though we split up. I surfed the waves back in while Jeff went out a bit further. Getting back to the beach was a bit tricky as the wind had shifted a bit more to the south and I had a few more big braces before I finally made it back. Overall I felt a bit better though – still far off from where I used to be just just LAST year. Still frustrated with my paddling. That day though we treated ourselves to an ice cream on the beach. It was a bit cold still for ice cream but hey the sun was shining….

Saturday was the worst day weather wise. Although the rain held off till mid day and we got an almost dry 2hr surfski paddle in in Indian Arm. It was still a bit blowy but the wind changed directions so many times we had everything from flat calm to 2 foot chop. No swim :-).

On Sunday we took a break from paddling and went fishing instead. Steelhead fishing in the Vedder. Jeff had been going during  the week for the past few weeks already. I had never been steelhead fishing before. Apparently they are a bit more tricky to catch -and I can confirm that! Jeff hooked into one but it snapped him off. I may have had a touch but not sure. Nevertheless, I practiced a lot of roll casting with my fly rod and it was just such a great day in the outdoors that not catching a fish didn’t matter one bit.



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