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May 23, 2014

It all started with a small crack….

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… and we didn’t have a bathroom upstairs for a while. It’s a kinda funny story and just typical for “outdoor nuts – home renos are a waste of life” types like us. There are a lot more fishing/camping posts I am behind on but I thought this one may change it up a bit.

Late April Jeff discovered this tiny crack on the toilet water tank and was worried it would burst. There had been some rumours that toilets started leaking in out townhouse complex all over. So we ran into Home Depot to get a new toilet. Well, they have quite a few on display and while we were looking at them I was asking “How would we know it actually will fit? Some of them look taller.” So back home we went with empty hand and Jeff started looking at videos on how to install a toilet and what the important measurement are. I know most home-project loving people would have done all that before their first trip to the hardware store. This time we decided to look online FIRST to see if we can find a toilet which matches our measurements. Well, there seem to be NONE that were low enough to fit underneath our bathroom vanity counter that happen to reach over the toilet and had the right rough-in at the same time (apparently 12″ is normal and our is 11″). That meant we would have to take out the vanity counter top + vanity in order to put in a new toilet. Practical/lazy me thought we may just want to just monitor the crack for a while to see if it was growing and I marked the end of it. My thinking was to leave it all alone again until there are serious signs of the crack growing. Jeff on the other hand started talking about maybe fixing the broken tiles at the same time as taking out the toilet and vanity. NOW I was getting a bit concerned. The next day – Monday – I came home from work and ALL the tiles were GONE. Apparently they could not be fixed. “Better check what tiles you want” was Jeff’s comment. So we went online again and looked at tiles rather than watching TV. We decided on a mosaic pattern 2x2in. The reason the old tiles were cracked is because of the floor not being flat, yeah to wooden floors. Therefore we thought the smaller the actual tile surface the better. Off course the ones we finally agreed on were NOT in stock and we had to order them in. It only took a few days though for them to arrive. After that it went pretty quick. Toilet came out one day – we had to use the downstairs bathroom for less than a week. The tiles were in a couple days later. Vanity and new sink top were picked out quickly based on simplicity and price – our sink had been cracked for many years already but it never occurred to us before to replace it – never leaked, just looked ugly. I struggled a bit to decide on the faucet online that night – too many choices – so Jeff just picked one that was on sales the next day when he picked up the vanity. Less than 2 weeks and we have an almost new bathroom. The new toilet would have easily fit underneath the old vanity top :-). And Jeff did all the work – my amazing handyman! There is much more than a good angler in him it seems :-). Only thing that needs still done is the painting but it may take us a couple year to decide on the colour….back to fishing.



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  1. Well done Jeff!! I see a potential new profession for you…..

    Comment by Krista — May 25, 2014 @ 1:42 PM

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