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June 4, 2014

Deer Wisperer and More Snow – May 3-4 Fishing Trip

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I actually don’t remember EVER being snowed on on any of our spring fishing trips over the past 15+ years other than the previous weekend. Although my memory was proven wrong when checking my old (printed) photographs of trips before 2003. In the spring of 2000 we got snowed on as late as June 13. Hm…

But I am getting ahead of myself. The trip did not start with snow. It was overcast and windy with a few short sunny breaks. We went back to Little Pete but stayed in our favourite campsite this time. I headed out on a long walk while Jeff went to the big lake to fish. I found some new cow trails leading me quite a bit further away from camp than usual. No bear this time but I got to spend 15-20min with a couple deer. One of them actually walk within 10m of me and looked straight at me. Apparently it never figured out what I was with the wind blowing into my face. It walked off into the bush without ever getting scared. Very cool.  Wasn’t quite as lucky with the grouse. The first one took off loudly into the forest never to be seen again. The second one tried to hide behind a stump but it walked too far and I managed to take a picture after all.

Day 2 we woke up to SNOW and not just a dusting. A good 3-5cm of it!!! And it was still snowing. And it was damn cold too. Off course Jeff headed out onto the lake after breakfast while I snuggled into my fleece blanket with a book and read next to the morning camp fire…until about midday when I finally peeled myself off the chair to go for a walk. By that time most of the snow was melted away and everything was WET. This time my walk took me along the big lake and up a new cow trail which connected me to my usual walk route – very nice. And I saw fresh bear crap but no bear. Nothing moving really except the leaves on the trees. The sun even made an appearance. By then there was no trace of snow left. All in all another great weekend in the outdoors even though I never got out fishing 🙂




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