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June 14, 2014

My good friend K

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I met her about 10 years ago at Burnaby Lake when Jeff and I just started paddling the tippy racing K1. She had done it as a kid but not for about 15 years till she showed up at the Lake one day. Hopped into the tippiest K1 we had at the club and just paddles along with us not bracing once (what we still had to do frequently). She bought my first wing blade because her old racing blade was a bit too big. For a few years we paddled lots together in team boats and against each other in K1. The ONLY time I ever saw her fall in was when I flipped our K2 at a corner of a long distance race on Burnaby Lake :-). Then she had two kids and her paddling went down to nothing – sad for me but good for her. She has two wonderful kids that should start paddling soon, maybe. We kept in touch by walking together with the baby stroller, going swimming in the winter…

Back in the days we both hated running. When I started paddling we always did the Sunday morning runs in the winter – cold or rain would not stop me but would make it even more miserable. K never ran in the rain OR paddled in the rain. A couple years back K started running. Now she runs all the time – rain or sun. She even managed to drag me out to my fist ever running race .

It took me till this spring to get her back in the boat. We now regularly paddle again on Wednesday nights. Again she jumps back into the tippiest K1 while I, having paddled all the time since, am struggling with my balance again. Not fair :-). But what prompted this post is not the fact that she paddles again – yeah! – but that she actually BROKE her/my old paddle the 3rd time out. Too much power woman!! I never broke a paddle – only National Team caliber paddlers do that. It happened almost at the end of the lake. She did not fall in and had to paddle back on one side for almost 2km. I was in awe!!! I’d be swimming if my paddle ever broke and I’d be swimming 2km back to the dock since I could not paddle my K1 on one side EVER. Happy Birthday K!!




  1. Hmmm, seem to recall seeing her do the kayak flip thing on Seattle’s Green Lake too…apparently she was given her paddle the wrong way around. 🙂

    Comment by Jeff — June 14, 2014 @ 5:47 PM

  2. hhaahah – I had forgotten about that one Jeff. See Katja – I’m not un-flippable.
    Thanks Katja for the post & birthday wishes. The kids and I really wanted to go kayaking at BCKC’s open house yesterday, but alas, the weather was not at all pleasant. Apparently I am raising my kids to be fair weather paddlers 😉 Although, I went for a run. Are you still running with your fishing weights, getting ready for the July 17th MEC race?

    Comment by Krista — June 15, 2014 @ 9:57 AM

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