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July 6, 2014

On top of the World – Canada Day Hike

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Nothing but sunshine in the forecast for Canada Day – July 1st. A perfect day for a hike to the top of a mountain. But it needed to be a not too steep one since my knee was still not 100%. So we decided on Alouette Mountain in Golden Ears Provincial Park. We had done this hike a long time ago and neither of us remembered it much – but the write up said a gentle grade and that was good enough for me. Nevertheless, it was also a 22km return hike and 1100m elevation gain to the top of the mountain at 1366m.

The first part of the trail was really wide but mostly in the trees/shade. Some of it was on some old logging road but overgrown enough that it still felt like a trail. Eventually the trail turns into a narrow track at a gentle grade as the book said. But one had to dodge a lot of dead fall along the way and some muddy sections as well. We had a look a Beautiful Lake along the way – just a very short detour. Lot’s of beautiful old cedar trees along that section of the hike. By the time the legs started to feel tired from some steeper sections near the top you come out into the open thinking – ah that must be the top. But no – it goes on and on still for quite some time. Eventually you do get to the top though and all sudden you have the whole world below you – well at least the whole of the lower mainland that is. Since it was such a nice clear day you could see Mount Baker which is at least 50km to the south in the US and you could see all the way to downtown Vancouver and the ocean. You get to walk for another 15-20min along the ridge – crossing some old snow still here and there – till you reach the steep drop off just before Blanshard Needle. No way to continue unless you can fly. We spent about an hour on the top enjoying the views and trying to spot some goat along the sheer cliffs below the Needle. We did hear rocks falling though every so often but saw nothing move but a waterfall. STUNNING notheless! The best thing – we had the whole mountain top to ourselves. Only saw two people early on as well as a guy and his dog just after the lake while we were still on our way up, they were going down. The long rest let us feel refreshed for the hike down – although we should have taken a bit more water. Took us 3hr15min up and 2hrs45min down plus the hour rest – a 7hr day in the sun. The knee held up okay but we did get sun-burnt :-).

Back at the car we decided to skip the TNR that day and head to Gold Creek instead to cool down the hot feet. There were hundreds of cars already parked along the road – and many had left already. Must have been a busy day in other sections of the park. We found parking close to the creek and walked to the first beach. The water was cold but it felt really good on those tired feet.

On the way home we stopped in at the Gillnetter Pub along Mary Hill Bypass. For years we drove past is on the way to regattas or fishing but never stopped. It’s situated right along the Fraser and does have outside seating – if you want to wait for it. We managed to get a window seat inside which offered just as nice a view as the tables outside. The food was good, the portions big, the service excellent and all that at a VERY good price.


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  1. Love the photo looking up into the trees.

    Comment by cyardin — July 6, 2014 @ 9:58 PM

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