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August 26, 2014

Full Quota – Aug 16

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2nd attempt to get our 4 fish. We went back to the new spot we found the week before on the north side of the river with the long walk. That day we started fishing where all the people fished and they were catching sockeye left, right and centre – everyone but US. It was like we were cursed. We fished for hours without even a touch loosing quite a bit of gear. At least for me it was good casting practice and I got much better compared to the previous weekend. But after hours and hours of casting and reeling in the empty hook my wrist started to get sore. Well I usually do not catch as many fish as most males out there simply because I can’t cast as far out as they do. But it was a mystery to me why Jeff did not hook into any either. Eventually he got too frustrated and we went on to the bar where nobody fishes. I was done for the day- wrist too sore – and just wanted to sit on the not so comfortable rocks and read. But I did not get far in my book until Jeff hooked into his first fish. FINALLY. I had just finished taking the gills out and sat down to read again when he hooked into the next one…and that kinda continued for another hour and we had our four fish for the day. Why we got fish here and not 100m up-river where everyone else would get them I can’t explain. Other than I picked the first spot while JEFF wanted to go to the last spot right away :-).



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