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October 15, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend report

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An unusual Thanksgiving weekend for us. For once, we stayed in town and secondly we spent a lot of time with other people. It was supposed to be a really wet and rainy weekend – hence we canceled our plans to go camping (I know we are getting old). But it turned out to be quite nice till mid day Monday. Now we are back to normal weather for October – rain, at times heavy, and low clouds.

Unfortunately, we had to say good bye to a friend on Saturday. I used to race kayaks with his daughter Kiran and we always joked about I could be her parent. Satnam left us much too early. He was one of those always happy and fun loving people that brought people together. He will be missed by many. The good part, I ran into a few other friends again at the funeral that I had not seen for some time. Always the excuse that work keeps us too busy and weekends are too short…. gotta change that. So we got to hang out an afternoon with Heide and an evening with Krista and her family for dinner. So at the end a sad day turned into a fun day – I am sure Satnam planned it that way.

Sunday was a fishing day – and a fine day it was. Overcast but mostly dry. Jeff got me up at 5:30AM and we were at the river just after sunrise. We fished for 9hrs – and did not land a single salmon. Hooked into 3 coho and 3 chum between the two of us but the only fish we could bring in were Northern Pike Minnows. Oh well, it did not matter. Spending a whole day away from a computer in the fresh air was just what I needed. And for dinner we stopped in at the Gillnetter Pub – one just can’t beat the BBQ baby back rib dinner for $9.95!

Monday’s forecast was for heavy rain. But in the morning it did not look like it would rain at all – the clouds were very high in the sky. So we headed out for a morning paddle in the Cove. It was dead calm at our place but the cove had a bit of a northerly outflow wind. First I was a bit nervous in the waves but we paddle mostly into the wind on the way out and got a really fun ride back with the wind. Haven’t enjoyed riding waves like that for some time. The rain kicked in in the afternoon with a vengeance. Just when we headed over to Jeff’s parent for the traditional Turkey Dinner – another great feast. I ate more that weekend than in the last 4 weeks combined! Seems to happen if you do not have to cook :-). Thanks to all those great cooks!

PS: I am getting closer to posting about Africa…



  1. Nice photo of Satnam, thanks for the post.

    Comment by Catherine — October 16, 2014 @ 10:23 AM

  2. That’s a lovely post you made about Satnam. And such a true picture of him – always smiling. I also love the picture of your and Kiran. You are probably 6″ taller than her, but that doesn’t quite show here…..

    Comment by Krista — October 17, 2014 @ 7:56 PM

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