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October 18, 2014

A good day

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It did not rain at all today. Although this mornings short hike was in thick clouds on top of Mount Seymour. I was on my own as Jeff was roller skiing up the mountain. I got lost a bit around Mystery Lake trying to do a loop I had never done before. It is easy to get disoriented in the fog. But at the end I found the right trail back to the parking lot, only got to the car 20min late :-). There are still the odd blueberries around – this was an awesome berry year in the mountains – but most of the vegetation has put on fall colours. Well not too much colour in today’s pictures mind you 🙂

Still plenty in time to make it home for noon. Today was the day our new washing machine was supposed to arrive between noon and 5PM. Our old clunker, besides making horrible noises and leaving black spots on all polyprop clothes for over a year now, started leaking after we came back from Africa and nearly flooded the downstairs bathroom. So we had been without a washing machine for 3 weeks!! I was just about running out of EVERYTHING. While we were waiting today for the delivery guys to show up – I was not about to carry a new washer up the stairs and an old washer down the stairs myself – I killed some time making German plum cake. The second since we are back. It’s my favourite cake – just ahead of carrot cake, Krista :-). The sun of course made an appearance while we were at home/indoors. But at least we did not have to wait till 5. Around 3PM the guys arrived and it took them all of 5min to carry the new washing machine up and the old one down. Done! Jeff and I managed to hook everything up. I had even fixed the floor beforehand – put in new linoleum tiles where the old washer had worn a whole into the old floor. Almost feel like a handyman…but I am glad the new washer covers it all up! 15min later the new washer – finally a front load – was up and running. Jeff has been doing laundry ever since.  But now we ran out of space to hang stuff :-). When we went out 3 weeks ago to buy a new washer Jeff wasn’t convinced that a small front load washer would be big enough for us. He wanted one of those huge top load ones again. We always had to save up clothes for at least a week to get enough for a load. Jeff was mostly worried about washing the comforter … I am not going to tell my readers how often we wash out comforter :-). The sales person also wanted to sell us one of those fancy new HE top loaders. The one he tried to convince us on would probably have fit into our small laundry room but it was taller than our old one. The problem, we have a dryer mounted above the washing machine. I thought no way we would have been able to open the lid up completely – although we had not measured the height. The height issue finally soften Jeff’s resolve or maybe he just had enough of looking at washers – we were probably in the store for close to 45min – and we decided on the small front load. He did check the height at home and realized we would have barely been able to open the lid :-). The new washer fits perfectly and we can now store the laundry basket on top rather than moving it around all the time. And while Jeff did laundry all afternoon, I went to the lake for a quick K1 paddle. It wasn’t quite as sunny any more but it was still nice out. 20C in October, can’t beat that!


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  1. ooh. That german plum cake looks delicious – why did I say no?! Oh well, next time 🙂 And if the plum trees in our yard ever grow fruit again, I can provide the main ingredient!

    Comment by Krista — October 22, 2014 @ 7:35 AM

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