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October 25, 2014

It’s fall alright

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It’s fall alright. Lots of wind and rain last week. Tuesday night we had a big storm – I never rode home from work that fast. But when we woke up the next day half of our neighbours tree branches were scattered around the car and truck. Luckily nothing got damaged besides some minor surface scratches. On Wednesday night it was raining so hard I thought I might drown on my ride home. But then I only just got really, really wet :-). Even the temperature came down to normal. Today was no exception. When we woke up I thought Jeff made a joke saying it was already 8AM. It still seemed very dark in the bedroom. But then there was a glimmer of sunshine lighting up a corner of the room. Well by the time we finished breakfast though it had already started raining – not particularly hard mind you. We had our usual Sat morning workout: Jeff – roller skiing, me – hiking on Seymour. I did the same hike as last week just a bit further and did not get lost. But it was just as soggy as last week. My yummy mushrooms though have grown since last week and look a bit more like “Fliegenpilz”.

In the afternoon I had to go into work for a bit. We are monitoring a prototype system for a customer which isn’t behaving very well. We suggested to turn it off but the customer would like to keep playing – and I now work long hours and weekends, sigh. Well, it was only for 30min today and it was pouring rain anyhow and the lake wasn’t accessible today due to filming :-). At least I got another 30min on the kayak erg in tonight. They predict sunshine for tomorrow – so we’ll be spending a day outdoors trying to find some fish.


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