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November 9, 2014

Holy wet week

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Well, I had been worried all summer long that we had too little rain. I think we made up for it by now. Tuesday evening it rained so hard that some areas around Vancouver got flooded. Lucky for us though the Fraser stayed within its banks. But the water level at our favourite fishing hole came up a ton. Jeff went Friday but it was tough fishing. So we actually didn’t even go this weekend. It need to get colder now so that all this water stays as snow in the mountains.

Saturdays hike on Mount Seymour had no trace of snow or ice this weekend. It was nice and sunny and not cold at all. Found a new viewpoint – Dinkey Peak. Doing my usual loop I discovered that someone had kicked over one of my mushrooms 😦 !

In the afternoon I went for a paddle on Burnaby Lake. I left the same time as last weekend to go for my paddle but ended up paddling in the dark on the last lap – darn time change! The lake was busy with a CKBC training camp but I did not get too freaked out by the wash. Progress at last!

Today, we woke up to heavy rain. Jeff tried to convince me to go to the “dryland” workout on the North Shore with him. But I rather curled up again and slept a bit more. By 10AM the rain was pretty much done. By 11AM I made my way to Burnaby Lake. Paddled for an hour on a flat calm lake and then went for a walk on the trails in the sunshine. I could see snow on top of Seymour which was just barely poking through the clouds. Jeff said he didn’t get rained on … not sure I believe him :-).

Once home I did some cleaning – the balcony was covered in leaves. They do look pretty as long as they are on the tree but make a mess on the balcony 🙂


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  1. How come your paddling trip includes a picture of the south trail? Did you sneak in a run as well?

    Comment by Krista — November 10, 2014 @ 7:22 PM

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