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November 23, 2014

Lucky again

Filed under: Canada, Kayak — K2 in Canada @ 6:17 PM

Even though it rained all night and in the early morning when Jeff got up to go for his pre-skiing-dryland training the sun was out by about 10AM. Hence I dragged Jodi out for another early afternoon paddle in Deep Cove. We were just about ready to leave when long-time paddling buddies Ben and John rolled into the parking lot. The girls took off just ahead of the guys so they can get their must-go-hard of the beach out of the system. We crossed the Cove to the east shore. It was a bit bumpy with waves coming from our right – I hate side on the most – bumpy enough that I was almost ready to quit but Jodi who has only been in her surfski less than a dozen times this year seemed to be doing just fine. So of course I could not show any weakness either. And the waves really weren’t big. When we arrived at the other shore Ben and John had almost caught up with us and we were riding the waves all the way up the arm to Jug Island together. After the island it looked like the wind had actually turned and was now coming down the arm towards us – at least that’s what the sail boats with their Spinnakers up looked like – and we continued on to Raccoon Island before turning back south. Turned out the wind had not turned and we had to fight a good head wind back to Strathcona. Didn’t take away from the fun though being out there – it was such a nice day, sunshine and quite a bit warmer than last Sunday! Late fall at it’s finest :-). Who needs to go to Hawaii!!!


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