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January 17, 2015

Not last

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Jeff is the best – he tried so much to cheer me up after last weekends disappointment at the Apple loppet at Telemark. He researched that most people even the top guys were 3-4min slower than the previous year, he found a new set of skis I should buy – waxable ones. He actually went to the store and bought them for me since I never get out of work early enough and he prepped them for today’s loppet – the Reino-Keski-Salmi at Larch Hills just out of Salmon Arm. I was a bit worried about using brand new ski and kick wax for the very first time in a loppet but when we tested the skis before the race it actually felt okay and I had good grip. Jeff did a great job picking out kick wax for the day – many other had problems. Overall I had a much better ski than last weekend. I am still close to the tail end of the race but I had people to race with. With one guy I trade places about 8 times during the 34km loppet. He was so much faster/efficient striding up the hills and I always caught him on the flats double poling. On the down hills we were fairly even. He raced in the 60-69 category while I am in the 40-49 – he finished ahead of me – must be the 20 more years of experience :-). The snow was nice today after they had gotten 6″ in the last couple days – not too soft but also not icy at all. I hardly slowed myself down on the downhills like I usually do. I beat my time from the previous year by 9min and finished 3min under 3hrs!

We made it a very short trip. Left Vancouver on Friday at 2PM (good thing my boss is going on a 2 weeks ski trip starting next week so he couldn’t say no to me leaving early :-)). Spent a rough night in a Travelodge in Salmon Arm. I have a bit of a cold and my throat was killing me. Went to the loppet for the 9AM start and left at about 1PM to drive back to Vancouver. There was a big storm in the forecast for Saturday night and we were worried about getting through the mountains on Sunday. So 28hrs after we left home we were back – and yes it is pouring rain outside.


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