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March 15, 2015

Customer Service

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A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my nightmare trying to get my PR card re-issued. Since then I have made some good progress on getting entry/exit data from countries I traveled to in the past. The US was easy and you can get all the info based on your passport number. Not sure if it is a complete list but better than nothing. Just for the fun I checked if Canada would provide these data but could find nothing other than the link to the US site:-). I contacted the German Consulate in Vancouver about getting anything from the EU. They replied the NEXT day saying that they do not provide this information. Indeed I found some article about them thinking to collect that information for all non-EU travelers. Again, would not apply to me. Gotta be good enough. Australia was next. They actually do provide the information and you have to fill out a form and send it along with a certified copy of your passport. The tricky part was who could certify the passport copy .. Justice of Peace, Commonwealth Social Workers and solicitors. Even our neighbour, who is a judge in this country didn’t think she could sign it. So I contacted the Australian Embassy in Ottawa and asked them if they could provide a bit more clarification. The reply came again the next day. The info provided was very helpful and more than I asked for with all the links to submit what was needed by email. And the best part, I don`t even need to have the passport copy certified because I am applying from within Canada. Not sure the argument makes sense BUT I submitted everything and didn’t get any complaints back yet about sending in incomplete info. In return, I used the Australian Immigration feedback form to report that I was a very happy customer. And I received the records on Mar 16 – 2 working days after I submitted the form!

And since I am talking about customer service here is another positive experience. MEC – Mountain Equipment Coop a Canadian outdoor equipment store we are members off and buy a lot from. Many years ago – at least 15 – I bought a double-walled steel thermos at the store. The only thing that breaks on a thermos like this is the seal which just starts cracking and leaking. Lasted about 8-10 years the first time around. Back then I just thought I buy a new thermos but the new one does not have the same capacity and I need that exact capacity as it fits exactly the content of my tea-pot which I take into work EVERY day. Lucky for me the lid from the new thermos fit on the old one. Another 5-7 years go by and the seal starts to fall apart again. You still can’t buy a large capacity thermos of that type at MEC. So I went into the store and asked if they would have replacement seals rather than having to buy another thermos I do not use. The answer was no. Not letting go of it that easily I emailed their customer service department. And lo and behold I got a reply a couple of days later saying sorry they do not sell replacement parts BUT she would look if she could find some spare parts lying around. The next day an email came that she did not have time yet to look and if I had some pictures to help her with the search. I sent pictures. The next day another email that she could not find the exact match but that she found a spare lid with a new seal that looked similar to mine as well as a spare o-ring. She would put it into an envelope with my name on it for me to pick up at the Vancouver store. WOW!!!! I did pick it up this weekend and it fits perfectly!!!


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  1. Sounds you are on a roll with customer service! Perhaps you could leverage your new relationship with the helpful women at MEC to get Jeff’s race fee refunded? He said he won’t do another race until they sort out of the double payment on his last race. And you know – I’ll be looking for suckers to join me in my “almost 40 years old race 🙂

    Comment by Krista — March 16, 2015 @ 9:04 PM

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