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March 15, 2015

Managed to avoid the rain almost all weekend long

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Well, the forecast for this weekend was for WET. But Saturday turned into a pretty nice day after we woke up to rain in the morning. It was windy and I chickened out of my K1 practice on the lake. Instead Jeff and I went for a paddle out of Deep Cove. It was a bit windy when we started but dry. To avoid the worst of the wind we headed east toward Port Moody. We were fighting a strong headwind with some heavy gusts crossing over to Balcarra but it mostly calmed down for the rest of the paddle. I am always amazed how pretty the paddle along Balcarra Park is – don’t do it often enough. If you don’t look right you could imagine being on the East Coast of Vancouver Island – especially on an overcast day :-). Once you are past the narrows and managed to ignore the industrial development you get to paddle along multi-million dollar homes and their multi-million dollar yachts anchored on the private docks for each of those houses. We must have passed 50 docks. We made it all the way to Port Moody hugging the north side of the inlet.

P1180293 (Medium)

Paddling along where the rich live. The storm clouds are deceiving the sun was starting to break through.

On the way back we took a more straight line since we were already out for well over an hour and more than 11km away from the Deep Cove. A light tail wind helped to push us back toward the narrows. We were a bit surprise though when we started to hear some noise that sounded like sea lions barking at the end of Reed Point Marina. We saw something that looked like small cages at the end of the marina and I thought I saw something jump into the water. There are no sea lions in Burrard Inlet!! It has been years since we saw a sea lion out near Wreck Beach in the summer who was obviously following the salmon run. It’s too early for the salmon. But, when I looked it up today there actually are sea lions at Reed Point Marina – a UBC research project apparently. Seems a bit cruel to me keeping the animals in those small cages but maybe there is more to the story than this little write up I found says: http://www.reedpoint.com/research.html. The wind didn’t really got strong again until we entered Indian Arm. I avoided most of the side on wind-waves by riding them back towards Strathcona. Maybe having my rudder work again also helped me feeling more comfortable in the waves than the last 2 outings. We got back to Deep Cove in sunshine and the sun stayed with us for the rest of the afternoon. So I took my bike instead of the car going to MEC to pick up my new thermos lid (see previous post) and of course I bought some more new clothes I didn’t really need :-). A great day for a bike ride though.

Today we went for a hike. And the weather forecast was right for once. They predicted more rain in Vancouver than Squamish. So we drove up to Porteau Road to hike up to Deeks Lake and beyond. We had last done this hike in 2009 in late June all the way to Brunswick Lake. It’s a nice hike and not too steep like most hikes along that coast line. Plenty of level sections to get some recovery from the steep sections (elevation gain of 930m). Good for an early season hike. Took us just under 2hrs up to Deeks Lake and it almost looked like the sun was trying to poke through the clouds. In 2009 we had to cross a snow field at the north end of the lake. This year in March there was hardly a sign of snow even on the top of the surrounding mountains. We continued around the lake noticing to our surprise that there was still ice covering half of the lake. We got turned around after following the creek up for another 30min up. The water was pretty high and we did not want to risk getting wet crossing it. It had been 2.5hrs of hiking by then anyhow – good enough. When we got back to Deeks Lake the wind, which had been starting to blow when we first got to the lake, had managed to push the ice cover across to the opposite end of the lake. Amazing – it would not surprise me if all the solid ice float would be gone by end of day, smashed up by the wind. Not so amazing was the fact that that same wind also had brought down the clouds from the south and it started to snow lightly. It was pretty cold but we were prepared and put on extra layers for the way down.

The way down was pretty quick except for the last stretch along the logging road where my feet got pretty sore. We thought the snow would turn into rain on the lower portion of the trail but it never did really. Few very light sprinkles occasionally – nothing I would call rain. And it was still dry when we got back to the car 4hrs50min and 17km later. It took less than 5 min of driving back along the Sea to Sky highway and the rain started. Rain never stopped only got harder the closer to home we got :-). Were we ever lucky, or what?!


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