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March 22, 2015

Spring started as it should

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..with rain – heavy at times. But that was Friday. We had to stand in the rain for 30min due to a fire alarm at work. Luckily I had grabbed my raincoat but my pants and work shoes still got soaked. An hour later we had to do our run in the pouring rain as well. I joined this learn-to-run group at work – not sure what bit me that day – and as a group we are trying to run 3 times a week. Started off easy with 1min run on 3min walking. We are now up to 6min run and 2min walking in week 8. At the beginning we had over ten people come out – this Friday, in the rain, it was just two of us :-).  We’ll see how many will show up Monday (forecast is for showers only) when we drop our rest time to 1min.

The two weekend days were split between rain and sun. Saturday started out rainy but by the time I finished my paddle on Burnaby Lake the sun started to come out. It was already dry when I left the house late morning and I only got rained on once during my 1hr40min paddle. I am still not back in my own K1 yet – was a bit breezy when I was out – but managed to do a good workout of 12 x 4min on 2min off focusing on power from rotation and leg drive. At least paddling workouts still feel better than running workouts. And it was really nice riding my bike home with all the cherry trees in blossom – feels so much like spring. You can almost smell it :-).

Today started out with a mix of sun and clouds but as usual I didn’t really get going until late morning. We went for our usual paddle in Deep Cove. Not much sun but it stayed dry till almost the end. Balance was bad today though in my surfski…sigh.


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