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March 29, 2015

Adding colour to a rainy day

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Despite the forecast for heavy rain, Saturday turned out to be nice for the most part. It wasn’t quite as sunny in Indian Arm as is was at home but it was still a nice paddle around Bedwell Bay and Twin Island.

Unfortunately I waited till late afternoon to go for my walk at home – by then it had started raining a little bit. Not enough though to keep me indoors and I went to see if I can find some more Anna’s Hummingbirds along the river. I left the house equipment with my camera and a large ziploc bag which functioned as a camera bag and a rain cover while taking pictures. And I got really lucky that day. One of the hummingbirds was sitting on the fence right next to the trail and I got pretty close. It must have thought I am one big flower with my bright yellow-green coat on :-). When other people walked by it flew off right away.  Being that close, one could see the colour of it’s head feathers change from dark brown to orange to pink to purple when it moved – very cool. Hence the title of this blog! I saw the same bird twice – on the way out and back. Took quite a few pictures and a short video – the loud clicking sound is the rain hitting the ziploc bag :-). Enjoy!

Today was a full on rainy day. Too wet to do anything fun outdoors. So we decided to do some “lawn maintenance”. We don’t have a garden – no time to take care of it. I tried tomatoes and zucchinis on the deck one summer but they never made it either. Anyways, we do have, well had, some ugly bushes growing in front of our door. Our townhouse complex brings in gardeners that usually take care of those, but this winter one of them got badly damaged while the roof was being replaced. On top of that, most of the bushes are by now growing into our parking space as well. Time to do something about it – that or painting the bathroom. In the pouring rain we sawed of all the bushes, dug out the roots, filled it with some peat moss and planted some red heather and some sarcococcas instead. Nothing that should grow too big but adds some colour and nice smells to our place. Apparently sarcococcas is an unfussy plant – exactly what we need – and when it blooms in January the smell is supposedly very nice. Well January is a long way off – yeah! – but it already looks so much better than before. Unfortunately I could not find a “before” picture.


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