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April 12, 2015

Easter Long Weekend – lazy, fun, sun

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We had originally planned to go camping the long weekend since the forecast for Vancouver was HEAVY rain while the interior was dry and sunny. Well towards the end of the week the forecast for Vancouver started to show a couple hours of sunshine for Sunday and the forecast in the interior showed temps below 0 and more clouds. So we stayed in town – didn’t feel like waking up to snow on the ground while tenting. I slept in EVERY day till close to 9AM. So nice!

Didn’t do much on Friday other than cleaning up our gardening mess from the weekend before and doing my scheduled run of 5 x 8′ on 1′ in the late afternoon. It only rained once all day despite the forecast-ed 20mm. It only rained when I was just about ready to do the run. “Un”-lucky for me the sun came after less than an hour of rain and well before it got dark so I could not skip out of my run with good conscience. Especially since Jeff said he would come with me which he did. So I tried to go harder than normal and was dead after 2 intervals.

On Saturday we did our surfski paddle as usual. Mix of sun and clouds and no rain at all. It was colder though than the previous weekend and there was fresh snow on top of the higher mountains around Indian Arm. In the afternoon I went for a walk along the river and found a different kind of hummingbird together with all the usual suspects that I always encounter on my walks. The Rufous hummingbird is one of the many that actually only come here for the spring/summer and spend the fall/winter in Mexico. Hard to believe this tiny bird can travel that far.

Sunday started with brilliant sunshine and blue skies – a perfect day for a hike. We tried to pick one that wasn’t as high up as to avoid the fresh snow from the day before. Didn’t quite succeed mind you. We had done the Lindsay Lake hike above Buntzen Lake a couple times before and it is quite a nice, varied hike with steeper sections through nice second growth forest till you get up to the ridge where you can decide if you go counter clockwise along the lower lakes/ponds first or clockwise past the lookouts on the way to Lindsay Lake. We decided to do the lakes/ponds first. That’s where we found quite a bit of snow still on the ground – fresh snow that is. Got a bit lost too, doing an extra circuit around some of the ponds because we thought we could avoid some of the swampy sections. Well, we just added another 30min to the normally 5hr hike :-). By the time we reached Lindsay Lake clouds started to move in hiding the sun. Shortly after the lake we reached the first and best of the lookouts – The Pulpit – overlooking Buntzen Lake and Indian Arm. As we continued on to the next lookout some white stuff started falling – just a few flakes. By the time we reached the next lookout, there was almost no view as a heavier snow shower drifted by. So we continued on skipping the next look out as well. Instead we did the last one, the one we usually skip since it is a bit of a detour – Spahat Rigg. Well worth the little scramble though for a great view south. By that time the snow had stopped again and we finally sat down for a snack for a few minutes. All in all a great early season hike (this year! – the high point is almost at 1200m with an elevation gain from the lake of just over 1000m) on a very typical April day. By the time we were half way down the sun was out again.

On the drive home we stopped for dinner at the Burrard Public House Pub in Port Coquitlam and had some surprisingly tasty food. Happy Easter!


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