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July 26, 2015

The fitness weekend – July 18-19

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Saturday was the 2nd ever Canadian Surfski Champs in Squamish. Like last year Jeff and I volunteered at the boat staging area and then followed the race in our double surfski. The conditions were quite a bit better than last year and quite a few good runs were to be had in the middle section. The weather was hot and sunny – it had warmed up again just in time for the weekend. Kudos to all my local female paddling friends that can do this stuff!!! Maybe one year we’ll race it actually – in the double that is :-). I tried to take pictures but it was a bit too bumpy out there and most of them are either water or sky or blurry from a wet lens :-).

On Sunday we went for a hike. Since it was supposed to be a 30C + day I had picked a hike with a lake and same scramble in the second half – Williamson Lake and Mount Welsh – while Jeff had picked an alternate steep hike with some scramble at the end for the fitness enthusiasts – William’s Ridge and William’s Peak. My hike required 11km off-road driving while his started right at the road. We had tried to get to the start of my hike once before, in our golf, and had to turn around after 3kms. This time we brought the truck!!! The road was bumpy and narrow. I could not believe how many people got there cars in as far as they did. But once the waterbars start the cars could go not further but we could. Than the narrow road started climbing – steeply – and Jeff announced “We are out of gas!” WTF!!! We made it to km 8 or 9 this time before we turned around – or make that backed up down the narrow road as we were on such an angle that Jeff figured the truck might run dry even though there might have still be gas in the tank on the flats…. True enough, once we hit the highway again everything was fine and we actually never ran out of gas. We only wasted 45min to start our hike – which was now Jeff’s pick with the trail head only being 6km down the paved road: William’s Peak. Here Jeff noticed that he forgot his socks!!! Of course he wasn’t to go back and get them and put his hikers on without socks – punishment for not gassing up the truck :-). This hike starts out on the valley bottom and goes straight up some 970m through the forest. No view points, no reason to stop – 1hr10 straight up until you reach the ridge and the grade lessens. Still in the trees though it takes another 30min before the first views open up. From then on it’s a great hike – beautiful views and lots of blueberries to keep you going. Till then it was a pure workout! Only drawback – there is not lake at the end and it was VERY hot. We only made it to the knoll before the actual scramble up Williams Peak. Too tired to continue on but the views are just as nice from the knoll. After a 30min rest taking in the views and drinking almost all the water we brought we headed back down. The steep downhill section turned out to be less of an issue. The footing was pretty good and the ground nice and soft. Not too sore knees or feet. Nevertheless we stopped along the way to cool the feet in the Chilliwack River. I actually went in all the way – NICE!


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  1. I started a sprint paddle class this summer (in Washington state). I’m not up to a surf ski yet… Did the trainers and now can fairly easily use the tornado. I’m going to try the next step up next (can’t remember the name of it) which is still two boats from the surf ski, but I’m getting there! Thanks for posting about the race!

    Comment by kayakyrstin — July 30, 2015 @ 5:43 PM

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