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October 17, 2015

More Fishers than Fish – Thanksgiving Weekend

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Jeff had been fishing all week long last week and got into a few salmon. So I was excited, now that my back was better, to go fishing again. Most of the Thanksgiving long weekend was supposed to be wet. Apparently BC was hit by the tail end of hurricane Oho. It was a bit windy and quite wet on Saturday but by no means hurricane or even storm quality. Nevertheless, I only went out for a couple hour hike up the Baden Powell Trail while Jeff did his roller ski workout. The rest of the day I lounged indoors even though the sun did make an appearance in the afternoon. I finally finished the picture book I started in the spring based on our Africa trip last year.

Sunday turned out to be a dry day and half of it even sunny. We got up early and arrived at the river by 7:45AM – too late according to Jeff as his favourite spots already had people in them.  We saw 4 otters on the log booms fighting over a fish when we were changing into our gear. Pretty cool. We ended up on the opposite side of the river from where we wanted to fish. It was a bit breezy and I had trouble casting into the wind. Nothing was happening for the first hour. I sat down with my book for a bit until I remember Jeff saying that the otters sometimes come to the nearby dock. I didn’t really expect to see them but voila – three otters on the dock. There were a bit spooked at the beginning but I found a nice place to sit and watched them for over an over playing, sleeping, grooming, swimming. It was sooo cool. Eventually I figured I should give them some peace. Jeff had walked further down the river in search of fish and I had lost sight of him. When I caught up with him I tried fishing again for a bit but nothing. Neither did Jeff have any luck. So I walked back to where I left the otters and they were still there. Probably another hour of otter watching. The lighting wasn’t that great but I took a ton of pictures and some video. These critters are so adorable to watch. Eventually though the otters wandered off in search of food.

We did get to fish the other side later on but still no salmon. With all the rain the day before the water levels had risen quite a bit and all the fish had moved on apparently. And there was some rumor about a commercial opening… We left the river at about 2:30PM much earlier than normal.

Monday was raining again. Nevertheless I had made plans with a paddling friend of mine to go for a paddle on the lake in the morning. It was calm but raining the whole time. Once out on the water though it was a nice paddle. In the afternoon we went over to Jeff’s parents for a great turkey dinner. Yummy!


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