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October 18, 2015


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I must have walked by the “Bears in Area” sign up at Cypress half a dozen times this fall and never saw any bears. Yesterday though I saw two. Pretty close to the lodge and close to the trail. They were grazing on one of the ski runs. They didn’t really seem to care that I was there. I could get quite close to them. The smaller one – both bears were on the small side and I think they were probably a year or so old siblings and no more mom around – was a little bit nervous at the beginning but soon enough she (just calling her a she because she was the smaller one) was back to eating. They stuck around until a big noisy group of hikers came up the hill with a dog on a leash. First the smaller of the two took off into the bushes. Now I was kinda in between the two. The bigger one – he – just did not want to leave the tasty slope. Eventually though he galloped across the trail right in front of me following its sibling. You could see his annoyance in the face :-). It is really special to be able to observe these animals in the wild without either of us feeling threatened.

I watched the bears for 20min – that meant I had to cut my hike even shorter than normal. I went straight up the mountain bushwhacking on some old overgrown ski run. I had hoped to reach the top but ran out of time. Never noticed that I scratched up my legs pretty bad. Blood smell in bear country…




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