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December 24, 2015

Frohe Weihnachten

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Somehow I was not in a Christmas-sy mood until pretty much today noon. Work stayed busy till the very end. Luckily Jeff and I agree on not doing gift for each other this year. We just recently treated ourselves to some new x-country ski boots and of course could not wait till now to try them out. So I did not have to deal with any shopping stress which was nice. Not until last night when we realized that we still had not shopped for dinner tonight. I was going to make a “traditional” German  Christmas dish, at least for my family. Rouladen with red cabbage. In Germany you can buy red cabbage in a jar everywhere and it is really good. Our local food store though did not have it. So I had to make it from scratch – I never made it before, neither did I look up any recipes before we left home. Well, how hard can it be. Fresh red cabbage -check! Apple cider vinegar – check! Apples and/or apple sauce – check! Cloves – oops no whole cloves in the store but I seemed to remember still having some at home. That should do it. Luckily the store did have the right cut meat for Rouladen. Yesterday I spent all evening cutting up cabbage and apples and cooking red cabbage. It looked like the real thing and it smelled like the real thing but I did not really taste it right away. Gotta be a surprise for tonight.

Obviously I still had to work today half day. My parents and siblings at home could not believe it when I called them from work. At least the connection is better than from home. We had a company lunch as well followed by some “special” coffee with some co-workers. Not too much got done today obviously. Everyone was in a good mood but we were all ready for a break from each other. It has been a tough year for everyone.

In the afternoon I first decorated our mega Christmas tree. We could not get a nice Blue Spruce this year and ended up with a small bushy one that we can plant in the front yard afterwards.

P1090316_rot (Medium)

After that Jeff and I went for a walk. Could have gone for paddle but Jeff doesn’t want to paddle till April and the ski place at Cypress closed early today. A walk was nice though. It didn’t rain, was relatively mild compare to the last few days and we had a tiny bit of a sunset. the flowers are a bit atypical for Christmas. They started when it was still warmer in late November and I was surprised to see that they are still hanging around. I has been cold for at least 2-3 weeks (0 to +5C).

Then on to prepping my Rouladen. Watched my mom often enough as a kid how to do it hoping they would they would taste just the same.  Jeff was in charge of the mashed sweet potatoes to add some Canadian flavour. And here is the result. It tasted pretty good although the red cabbage needed a bit more apple and of course the presentation isn’t great. We were hungry after smelling the food for 1.5hrs  while it was simmering :-). I think that’s why I prefer pasta.


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