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January 16, 2016

Day 1: Overlander Dec 26

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We didn’t get up till 8:15AM. I still had to finish packing. Nevertheless we were on the road by 9:45AM. The countryside started to turn white just after we left Chilliwack and it was solid white at Hope. The roads were clear mind you and we made good time over the Coquihalla. As we started to drop down into Merritt it started to snow and it did not stop for the rest of the day. The Hwy was covered in compact snow and we saw a couple cars in the ditches past Merritt. Lucky for us we got off Stake Lake to go for our first ski of the trip at Overlander, 3hrs 15min from when we left home. It was about -5C, lightly snowing and a bit windy. I was ready to take my crowns but Jeff said the waxables should work. So he had to wax 2 sets of skis and off we went. Tracks were in good shape and grip was okay but the cold had me feel tired and crappy. Nose was running and lungs were burning in the cold air. Yep it was cold. Nevertheless I managed to do my usual loop, just a bit slower. I went from no grip to totally icing up in the last hour. I did not get to see the moose that is supposed to hang out around those trails. It started to get dark by the time I made it back to the parking lot, about 30-40min later than I had planned. Although I don’t think Jeff got there much before I did. Unfortunately the ski hut was already locked up for the day (closes at 4PM). We had to do the change in the car to get ready for the last leg of the day, the drive to Sicamous.

The going was slow, quite a bit of traffic, some crazy speeding trucker, lots of single lane sections and lots more snow. We made it to Sicamous just in time for dinner. Found a nice pub just off the highway, “Brother’s Pub“. Ribs for me and I can’t remember what Jeff had. Jeff had pre-booked the Monashee Motel and it was located just past the town. Can’t remember much else, only that I was tired and cold and wrapped myself into my fleece blanket while crawling into bed.


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