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January 16, 2016

Day 3: Dawn Mountain Dec 28

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More snow over night but not as much and it had finally stopped when we got up. We slept in till 9:15AM – Mountain Time. I didn’t sleep well again all night as a bad headache had kicked in on top of the stuffy nose and wet cough. But I was looking forward to breakfast at the “Big Bend Cafe” – a 3 min walk away. It was good – mixed berry and cream cheese stuffed French Toast. It was huge too and we had to go for a bit of a walk before driving up to Dawn Mountain. Jeff needed “Green Wax” for -20C conditions. Don’t ask me why. I am not going to ski at -20C! But apparently it will work as a thin layer to prevent icing when using the -10C wax. Oh well. The drive up to Dawn Mountain just past the Kicking Horse Ski Resort does not take long. Jeff skated that day so he only had to wax my pair of skis. I still felt too weak to try skating. The tracks were beautiful!! Best ones so far this season. Firm but not too scary fast due to some very light fresh snow cover. I started to feel stronger as the ski went on even though I am still huffing and puffing at the hills – and there are some real hills here. But I also recovered quicker. All in all a much more enjoyable ski even though the sun never made an appearance and temperatures were at -10C. I even did the single track portion, called Marten Loop – skinny ski powder skiing through the trees in nearly flat terrain, very cool! The trails at Dawn are all named after animals – beaver, owl, raven, caribou, moose, chickadee… and I almost did them all. Managed a full 3hrs and could have kept going…maybe.

It was nice to return to the same place that evening and only have a very short drive. We got back to the hotel with still daylight left. This time we would not skip the hot tub but was that tub ever hot. It even took me several minutes to get in. From the hot tub I could see the mountains. The sky had cleared in the late afternoon and the mountains were glowing gold against the blue sky. Gorgeous! For dinner we walked a bit further into “downtown” Golden passing the movie theater. They were playing the new Star Wars but too bad their show started too early and we needed to eat first. We ate at “The Turning Point“. Again shared an appetizer, calamari which were excellent, and a salad, quinoa strawberry salad with mandarins instead of strawberries and both had a full meal. Burger for Jeff and Lasagne for me. Since we ate more than we should have we extended the walk back to the motel for a bit. But it was pretty darn cold!


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