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January 16, 2016

Day 6: Canmore Dec 31

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Finally I slept through all night. But the body was tired from the long day of skiing before and I decided not to skate that day at Canmore. Another sunny cold day, -15C. We had breakfast at Jamie’s again although I traded in the hashbrowns for some fresh fruit since I was still full from the day before. Getting to the Canmore Nordic Centre took patience as you have to go through town and traffic was moving slow – almost felt like being in Vancouver at rush hour. But eventually we made it and even found a good parking spot. It was BUSY and not all the trails were open but what was open was in good shape and the people spread out pretty quickly. Even though I used the same wax combo as the day before my grip felt worse. This snow had been worked over so many times, the ice wasn’t quite as sharp anymore as it was in Peter Lougheed. We only planned to ski for a couple hours. Jeff was skating. I stuck to the medium difficulty trails like Bow and Meadowview. The later one though wasn’t open all the way back to the Nordic Centre so I had to back track after I reached the high point and took Banff trail back. I was definitely feeling tired and was about 10min late getting in. Jeff was already done for 30min even though he skied almost twice as many kms as I did :-). He will have a good loppet season this year I am sure. He sure trained hard for it all summer/fall long.

The drive to Invermere was a bit longer, about 2.5hrs through scenic Kootenay National Park and the upper Columbia Valley. As we dropped out of the Rockies and entered the town of Radium we saw a whole bunch of mountain sheep right in the middle of the busiest intersection in town. They started to cross the hwy and caused the traffic to stop. We added to the confusion because I made Jeff stop to take pictures right there :-).

We arrived in Invermere at the Canterbury in at about 4PM and only had to wait 30min for “Peppis Italian Fuel” Pizzeria to open. As we took our stuff into the room we saw a buck cross the road in front of the motel, than continue on into downtown Invermere. Cars just drove around him – I think people and the animal here are used to it :-). We weren’t the first ones at Pepe’s but everyone else did only pickup. We ordered the usual Arugula salad to start and then shared a large half BBQ Chicken with pepper and pineapple, half California Chicken with artichokes and sundried tomatoes. All that was washed down with a pitcher of Fernie Red Ale. Half way through the salad Jeff noticed the appetizer special posted on the wall – Dates filled with goat cheese wrapped in bacon. So we had to have one of those as well. I was kinda full after quarter of the pizza. But it was so yummy that I had to finish it all. That was too much! We went for a leisure walk though the dark town to find some deer – the pizza almost made an appearance – and then extended it all the way down to the lake, where we did see the deer at the same hill at last year. One of them was a buck. I am sure it was the same buck that walked through downtown earlier that day. We tried to stay awake till midnight but fell asleep by 11PM :-).


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