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January 16, 2016

Day 8: Paulson Jan 2

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We woke up around 8AM to clouds but drove into blue sky as we got higher. And it was still beautifully sunny when we got to Paulson. The temperature was at -13C. Since this is one of those long trails systems Jeff stuck with me again. It’s hard for him to ski at my snail pace. But I did all I could. The ski was beautiful though especially the middle part on Glenmerry Rd to the hut and Norwegian Woods. All single track, in the sun, and few people around. Although it seemed that everybody else was going the opposite direction this time. Which is a bit more scary on a single track. There are a few fast downhill sections along Norwegian and Gloryview where I pray nobody is coming up at the same time. Hence I let Jeff go first :-). I always wonder why they don’t make them one way – as long as it is the way we like to go :-). I was pretty tired near the end but Winterberry is so pretty you can’t not enjoy yourself. And for the first time ever mud lake was in the sun when we finished – it’s either a clowdy day or I finish so late the sun is behind the tree already. Took us about 3hrs20min to complete the loop – similar to last year I think.

Originally we had planned to stay In Grandforks and ski Pheonix the next day – we had never been there. But it would have been a LONG drive back to Vancouver and I had to be back at work the next day. So we decided to push on to Keremeos so we have the options to ski either Nickeplate, China Ridge or Manning. The drive was still long – 3.5hrs. We dropped down towards Ossoyoos Lake when the sun started to set. It was sunny up in the hills but the valley was filled with clouds – and as the sun set and the sky lit up in yellows and oranges it was one of the most beautiful sights. Unfortunately there wasn’t a good place to stop for a picture.

Our favourite motel, the Elk Motel in Keremeos, still had a room for us. I think we were one of two or three parties to stay there that night. It was cold in town (-15) and they did have snow on the ground. We ate at the “world-famous” Thai restaurant in Keremeos, “Benja” – which of course is in walking distance. At least it gets really good reviews on the internet. And their Panang Curry was to die for, the sweet chilli chicken was very good and the coconut rice made is just perfect. We had to re-order rice 🙂 and had room for desert finally. Deep fried bananas with ice cream. Was a great meal for the final night of our trip!


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