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January 16, 2016

Day 9: Manning Jan 3

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Keremeos also has a good variety of breakfast place but we chose the one we always go to, The Ranch Cafe. It was still cold in town with a bit of a stiff breeze from the west. Now we had to decide where to ski. Manning posted temperature of -26 warming up to -12 with a mix of sun and clouds. Nickel Plate posted temperatures of -6 to -4 and sun. You might think that was an easy decision but we decided on the shorter drive rather than the milder temperatures. What is one more day below -10C after 7 of those already. Although I did put a condition onto having to ski one more time, it had to be above -20C :-). When we arrived at Manning it was -18C and sunny. Damn! Jeff was all excited about one more ski, I was kinda excited. After 8 days my body felt tired – but then it has been feeling tired the whole trip. Maybe it was the cold that never really got too bad for sniffles or coughing but just a tired body. Well, it’s only 10km up to Strawberry Flats. Done that often enough, it should be easy. Well it wasn’t easy. But it did warm up a bit. I did enjoy myself on the way up although I felt like having no grip with my wax. I knew that was me though not the wax and I kept pushing. But each hill on the way back, which in theory is all downhill felt really hard. But I made it – 3hrs, pretty darn slow and I was cold. The campfire chilli bowl and a hot tea at the pub helped. It started snowing at the end of our ski and it still snowed quite heavily when we left Manning. It had warmed up to -13C.

We were hoping this snow would not continue all the way and luckily it stopped just before Hope. Could have gotten pretty icy in the valley. I had told Jeff to tell me the minute the temperature goes above 0C. It didn’t happen until almost Abbortsford I think. Just the thought to be above 0C again felt good. Jeff didn’t want me to open all the car windows to check though :-). We made it home by 7PM and 6AM the next morning came way too early, sigh.


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