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January 25, 2016

A weekend at “home”

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Well kinda. This was the very first weekend in 2016 we spent Saturday night at home. It’s exciting to go away every weekend but it also gets tiring sometime. So sleeping in on Saturday morning felt just awesome. I don’t believe all those things you read about that you need less sleep as you get older. Doesn’t work for me – maybe it something I inherited from my mom 🙂

Saturday was kinda a lazy day – it is true that if you sleep in you also never really get going. Nevertheless I finally got my haircut which was overdue for at least a couple month and I went to Burnaby Lake for a paddle. The lake was dead calm and air temperature around 8C and just a little bit of glow from a sun hiding behind some high fog. It felt good to be in a K1 again. I almost tested the water temperature as well as I tried to do some speed work. That really was a silly idea after not paddling K1 for 1.5months but I felt pretty good in the Super Lancer. My goal for 2016 is to be back in my boat again before the summer is out!

Being at home for a weekend, doesn’t mean we didn’t go away off course. Sunday was the 3rd ski race of 2016, the Blackwall Bash at Manning Park Resort. This is an all uphill course but the grade is gentle all the way and you can get into a nice grove. Originally this was supposed to be a 16km course but they had to shorten it to 8km because of avalanche danger at the higher elevations. Manning had gotten 75cm of fresh snow in the last 5 days – was all rain down here!!! Needless to say the tracks were in excellent shape. It was about -3C when we started. I tried all the classic skis in my ski bag – crowns, grip tape and hard wax – and at the end decided on my grip tape Peltonen skis. They are the lightest skis I own and a bit softer. There is always a risk with grip tape icing up if it gets to soft and warm but I figured we’d be going up so it should cold enough. Interestingly though the tape did start to ice up right near the top but I managed to push through it to finish ahead of the guy chasing me. All in all I made a good steady effort and actually felt good about this race. Maybe I am an 8km uphill specialist or maybe it is because of the stunning views that make you forget all about the pain :-). Nevermind, Jeff, carrying all our warm clothes for getting down again, still finished 8min ahead of me. We could have had the clothes been taken up by the groomer but that would have meant to leave home at 6:15AM this morning instead of 7AM. And as you read above I do need my beauty sleep – every minute counts! This was the very first time Manning Park Resort held this event and participation was low. It wasn’t advertised very well and we only knew about is since we became Manning Nordic Club members this year. But the people who did come up were all just as happy with the event as I was. So hopefully next year there will be a few more. Everyone finished well within the cutoff time of 2hrs. The ski down was nice and warm – thanks to Jeff and the warm clothes in his backpack. At the bottom they put burgers on the BBQ for us. Since there were only 11 people everyone got an award – a chocolate chip cookie medal! And everyone got a prize – except I got two since Jeff picked gloves that fit me not him 🙂

But since this was only an 8km race Jeff off course needed to ski again in the afternoon. I put my skate skis on which was a mistake. Skating is hard and even harder when you are already tired. And instead of staying up at Strawberry Flats I had to go down South Gibson and back up it. The up included a lot of stopping. After another 1.5hrs on skis I finally got my Guinness! Great long day! Didn’t hit the sofa till 8:30PM :-).



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