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January 31, 2016

Almost didn’t race

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Got hit by another injury after last weekends mountain climb. Never felt anything bad until I woke up last Monday morning and felt a bit of a twinge in behind my left shoulder. Wasn’t really that bad yet so I still hit the gym that morning – a colleague and I made a new year’s resolution of working out together 3 times a week before work and of course I could not let him down. I tuned it down a bit to protect the shoulder but I think it was already too late by then anyhow. For the rest of the day, week actually, I was in real pain. In addition to the stabbing pain in the shoulder, my left arm turned numb every so often. Best position was to lift my arm over my head. Even skipped riding my bike for a day. The nights were the worst part. I normally sleep on my side but with the pain I could only sleep on my back – for short periods of time. And of course my back gets sore when I sleep in that position. Week from hell….

I would have skipped this weekend’s loppet, the Apple loppet at the Telemark Club out of West Kelowna, but I had teamed up with a skiing buddy of mine to do the race as a relay. 15km classic and 15km skate. I was going to do the first leg and Peggy the 2nd. All week long I had hoped the pain would go away which it did not but the intervals between the stabbing pains and numb arm went longer and longer. We did a practice ski on Saturday which was painful and slow but I managed the 15km in less than 2hrs. Good enough.

Another good reason for not skipping this loppet was that we could visit with our good friends Keith and Mary in Peachland the evening before. Always fun to see them and a much nicer place to stay than in a Motel. They downsized last year from a huge house to a smaller townhouse. But they still had room for us. We actually got to sleep in their bedroom while they stayed in their neighbour’s place which they are looking after for the winter. The only minor inconvenience, Toby, Mary’s cat is used to sleep in their bed and wakes them up at 5:30AM for breakfast. Usually the cat stays on Mary’s side so I made Jeff sleep there but for some unknown reason Toby decided to cuddle up with me for the night. Not a big deal and she picked on Jeff at 5:30AM to get her breakfast. Nevertheless, I did not sleep well that night.

P1090503 (Medium)

View from Keith and Mary’s

Loppet day started early and I was still tired and a sore – hence not in the best of moods. It had snowed tons over night and I was secretly hoping the roads might not be cleared yet. Keith and Mary live on top of the hill – as high up as you can get in Peachland. But  the roads were fine. So was the race at the end. Yep, the shoulder hurt on and off but I was able to double pole where I wanted to and had people around me for most of it. So I wasn’t the last person to make the switch. I sure was glad though that Peggy did the skate portion this time. Jeff had also teamed up with John and both of them had a decent race. And since they have a million categories in cross-country skiing, both Jeff and John and Peggy and I had podium finishes and came home with chocolate, beer and wine.

I am sure the boys would have loved to go for another ski but it started snowing heavily and we left in a rush not wanting to get stuck on the drive home on either the Okanagan Connector or the Coquihalla. Turned out that the driving condition were actually better, less snowing, than on the way up and we made it home in good time.


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