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February 28, 2016

Gained 30kg over night

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I never thought that eating half a bag of chips yesterday would result in me gaining 30kg over night.

Today was a warmish day at Manning with light snow all day after a cold night – 5cm of really soft snow on top of a hard crust. I tried out the new “skin” skis for the first time. Skin skis are waxless classic skis with a mohair inset in the kick zone – the newest in cross country skiing technology. Actually skins have been used forever by back country skiers and they usually go onto the whole ski to give you awesome grip when climbing mountains. The new evolution in cross country skis puts the skin just in the grip zone area so that you still get good glide. Jeff had borrowed the skis from Deep Cove Outdoors and had used them a few times already with good success. But they are rated for a 95+kg person. I am nowhere near 95kg and had been worried if I would get any grip. Mind you, Jeff is nowhere near 95kg either and he made them work. And so did I. The skis worked fine without icing up at all. I had awesome grip up North Gibsons despite my already tired legs from the 1hr and 40min of skating I did before hand. So, did I really gain 30kg over night or did the manufacturer get the rating horribly wrong? Glide wasn’t as great – but when I looked at the bottom of the skis the snow didn’t stick to the skin zone but to the base of the ski. Wrong glide wax I guess. I have to try them again under different conditions. Or maybe some other brand. I really liked the grip performance! Jeff said his crown also had great grip which we had been struggling with the last time we were out and even skate skis had little glide today. We actually were lucky that it snowed. Most of the drive up to Manning it was raining – heavy at times. Just as we finished our ski the snow got really heavy for a while and we were watching it fall sitting in the hot tub. A good ski/day!



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  1. Skins are so cool! and don’t have to mess around with wax at the trailhead, a definite plus.

    Comment by cmtrask — February 29, 2016 @ 10:55 AM

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