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March 12, 2016

Just because

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It is windy outside and I am reluctant to go to the lake to get into my K1 for a paddle.

I want to share some of the pictures I took today and yesterday.


I am looking forward to the time change tonight! Not because it will be an hour less sleep but because it will be light for an hour longer each day! To me that by far outweighs the drawbacks people complain about.

I am happy to share that I finally have received my renewed Permanent Resident Card in late February 2016 after applying for it in October 2014! – see last post from March 2015 called “Customer Service“. After I had sent in the missing information back in March 2015 they never updated my status online. I called a few months later to make sure they had received the documents and to inquire about the status since I never could get all the information that was requested. The friendly person on the phone said she could see that the documents have been received but could not tell me anymore over the phone if they were sufficient or not. I just had to wait. Another few more months went by, it was now September – almost 1 year from when I first applied, and still nothing on the online status check. I called again and the same story. It wasn’t until mid December 2015 that the online status finally appeared but it said “waiting for the documents requested in our letter from February 2015”. WTF!!! I was going to call right away but figured the story would just be the same as before. So I waited and checked again in mid January 2016 – no change to the status. Checked again in mid February 2016 – no change to the status. Finally I decided to send in the same information again. Interestingly, the same week my status changed from “waiting for the documents requested in our letter from Feb 2015” to “approved on Feb xx” – a day or so BEFORE I had sent off the documents for a 2nd time. They could not have received them. Oh well, at least I can travel again. Not that I am planning on going anywhere but it is just good to be able to go whenever I feel like it :-).



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