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June 18, 2016

Rare Cat Sighting

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May 7-8 we are back at Little Pete to meet up with Jeff’s fishing buddy Riley. Another nice mostly sunny, warm weekend. I left the fishing to the boys and did a couple really long walks. I changed up my usual routes both days. On Saturday, after checking out the ponds trail for bears I ended up walking up Plateau Lake road and came down the upper powerlines. Some eagles and marmots along that section. But the only big animals I saw were cows. Some of them actually ran towards me first as if they would attack before turning away to follow the rest of them. A herd of cows can be more intimidating than a bear! I always thought that cows are not allowed on crown land till Jun 1. I guess I was wrong. It was hot too. I burned my shoulders and was pretty dehydrated when I got back to camp.

Sunday was a bit cooler which was nice. My walk took me out the other way this time. A bit more bush walking but I knew I can’t get lost and would eventually hit the lower powerlines. First I saw a deer and followed it back down the hill on some grassy slope just to find out it had a buddy down there. Eventually they saw me and took off. I continued on following some grassy areas within the forest. Again, looked like perfect bear grazing spots. The first flowers were out as well. I walked very slow and quietly looking around a lot for animals. That’s when I spotted it. It was coming up a game trail to my right. We both stopped and looked at each other for a couple minutes. Maybe 50m between us. So cool. To date I don’t know if it was a lynx or a bobcat but for sure a beautiful animal. It finally walked off into the bush. Never saw it again but it made my day for sure.

P1100231 (Medium)

These animals are very shy and I felt quite privileged to spent these couple minutes with it in the bush. In a direct line, our camp was probably less than a kilometer away from here.




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